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image of people we help in the Philippines

A Big Thank You

You enable us to improve lives,

restore stability, and provide homes to those in need.

Concierge Elite believes in giving back to the communities here and beyond. While we provide front desk staffing solutions, we also provide much-needed temporary and permanent housing for those in need. Not only does it reduce crime, raise productivity and improve quality of life overall, but it also helps with mental health by giving people the stability they need these days! The work of Gawad Kalinga is a true miracle-working force in the world; this project has provided 3000 homes for poor families every year. Shelter provision is a basic necessity.

Houses we built in the Philippines
the kids we help by building homes in the Philippines

Lying along a typhoon belt, the Philippines expects typhoon occurrences to average 20 annually, and 25% are destructive. Homes are damaged and lost, sadly, along with lives. Roof repair and renovation have become an integral part of relief aid and rehabilitation and have become part of the priorities of the project. The families mostly come from depressed, disaster-prone areas and danger zones and live in shanties with make-shift roofs. Under this project, shelters are renovated, and communities are built and supported.

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The Journey To A Future Full Of Hope

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