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1. Services 

2. Acceptance 

3. Term 

4. Changes of Terms

5. Services 

6. Service Plans and Payments 

7. Term and Cancellation 

8. Indemnity 

9. Credit Card Use and Authorization 

10. Notices 

11. Service 

12. Access Number 

13. Monitoring and Recording 

14. Referral Program 

15. Confidentiality 

16. No Warranties 

17. Limitation of the Concierge Elite Liability

18. Dispute Resolution/Arbitration

19. Call Action Waiver 

20. Covered Entities

21. Services Not Covered

22. Modifications Of These Terms and Conditions

Published 3/15/2022 

Welcome to Concierge Elite! Please read these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy (collectively the “Terms”) carefully, as you agree that you consent to these Terms by your use of this website or Concierge Elite services, as described further below.


Concierge Elite has issued these Service Terms and Conditions (“Terms”). Concierge Elite provides virtual receptionist services (“Services”) to users of the Services (“Customer”).


By using the Services as a paying customer, Customer agrees to be unconditionally bound by these Terms and is provided notice by Concierge Elite of these Terms. These Terms and Conditions will remain in effect at all times Customer receives Services from Concierge Elite. If Customer does not agree with any of these Terms, it may notify Concierge Elite immediately with a cancellation request in accordance with Section 6 so that its agreement with Concierge Elite may be terminated. If Customer does not provide Concierge Elite with a cancellation request but continues to use Services provided by Concierge Elite after the later of the Effective Date or the Customer Start Date, Customer is deemed to have consented to these Terms.

3. TERM 

This agreement remains in full force and effect while you use the services. All provisions of the Terms shall survive termination by either party, including, without limitation, ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, indemnity, and limitations of liability.


We may revise and update these Terms from time to time at our sole discretion. All changes are effective immediately when we post them and apply to all access to and use of the Platform and Services thereafter. Your continued use of the Platform or our Services following the posting of revised Terms means you accept and agree to the changes.


Concierge Elite provides virtual receptionist services to its subscribers, including receptionist telephone answering; filtering marketing, spam, or other unwanted calls; caller greetings; inbound messages; voicemail services; text to mobile devices; message notifications through text and/or email; outbound calls for appointment booking and confirmation and caller feedback, outbound calls for customer engagement and/or sales; and other services that may be introduced from time to time. Collectively, the services described in this paragraph and all others provided by Concierge Elite now or in the future, whether through a web portal, SMS, email, mobile application, or another interface, are called the “Services” in these Terms. 

These Terms and the Services provided do not create a joint venture, partnership, or employer-employee relationship between you and CONCIERGE ELITE.


CHARGES FOR SERVICES. Charges for Services are as agreed to between Concierge Elite and Customer. We charge you the usage of the number of receptionist minutes per month. Based on the applicable plan. Numbers are charged on a per-minute basis for the time that the receptionist is engaged on a call. Service usage is measured and billed in 1-minute increments and call times are rounded up to the next 1-minute increment. For example, if a call is 55 seconds long, it will be billed as 60 

2022-Concierge Elite 205 N Michigan Ave Suite 810 Chicago, IL, 60601 1-210-750-1328

2 seconds. For inbound calls, usage of Services is calculated starting from the time the receptionist answers the call and ending when a receptionist transfers the call through to someone, or to voicemail, or otherwise disconnects because the call is over, as well as any time a receptionist spends completing any information on a customers call after the caller has hung up. We have the right to include hold time if needed to complete the call. The customer is responsible for paying all charges and fees for Services provided by Concierge Elite, in accordance with any payment terms set forth in its agreement with Concierge Elite. Concierge Elite reserves the right to change its charges or pricing plans or adjust pricing for Services or any components thereof in any manner and at any time. 

For purposes of the Service Plans: 

“Available Hours” means the hours during which Concierge Elite will provide specific Services to you, as outlined further in your selected Service Plan. Services are provided on all holidays and 360 days a year. It is the customer's sole responsibility to ensure that Concierge Elite is provided with accurate holiday specifications, protocol, and hours for all holidays. If Concierge Elite does not receive written or verbal notice it is the assumption the following holidays are open and providing services as normal. Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day. Concierge Elite will charge for all calls made within those specific and stated holiday hours. 

“Receptionist Calls” means: 1) incoming calls that are made or forwarded by you to the telephone number assigned to you by Concierge Elite (“Subscriber Identifier”) that you identify as desired calls, such as calls from potential clients/customers, family members, etc., and 2) outbound calls made by Concierge Elite on your request. Blocking valid Receptionist Calls is considered abuse of the system and is subject to reversal and account cancellation. “Live Transfer Phone Number” means the phone number(s) that we will transfer callers to, per your instruction if they meet your specified criteria. 

“Per month” refers to the calendar month. 

If you utilize Concierge Elite for outbound calling services must comply with and should not be used for cold calling, spam, fraud, or third-party sales.


This agreement shall automatically extend on a month-to-month basis until Concierge Elite or the Customer receives a written cancellation request via email from the Customer, and after receipt of that notice, the Services will be canceled effective 90 days from the date the notice is received, unless a later date is requested by the Customer. Concierge Elite reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time. Service may be discontinued earlier and without any written notice if Concierge Elite determines in its sole and absolute discretion, that continuation of service will adversely affect service to other customers, that Customers advertising is causing extreme fluctuations in call volume that adversely affects 

service to other customers, that Customer or its callers are abusive, disrespectful, or otherwise inappropriate to Concierge Elite personnel, that Customer is in violation of any FCC rules, that a request from Customer or its callers constitutes or otherwise relates to fraudulent or otherwise illegal activity or to a sexual or otherwise potentially illicit encounter, the credit information furnished to Concierge Elite by Customer is inaccurate or that Customer is otherwise in breach of these Terms. Customer authorizes Concierge Elite to furnish any information Concierge Elite has concerning Customer to law enforcement, collection, and credit agencies. Customer consents to Concierge Elite response to any subpoena, court order, or another court-authorized request for information served upon it without the necessity to contest the request on any grounds 

Subscriber may change the Service Plan at any time by notifying Concierge Elite or 469-949- 9449. The Plan change must be made at least one week prior to the end of the current subscription cycle. If the Subscriber changes the Service Plan within one week of the end of the cycle, the current Service Plan will continue the following month and change at the next subscription cycle. For example, if the Service Plan subscription is set to renew Friday, change by the previous Friday to prevent an additional month at the current plan. 

Cancellation Fee 

Cancellation fees include a technology fee and retraining fee for agents that have been assigned to your company. Depending on the plan fees range from $197.00-$1950.00. Concierge Elite reserves the right to increase or decrease this cancellation fee as deemed necessary to cover costs associated with the cancellation and in agreement with the following terms and cancellation timeline. All final charges will be invoiced and billed to the credit card on file. Standard Cancellations (per minute members) are no less than: A 90-day cancellation notice, full payment of minutes used, plus a $197.00 technology fee. 

Prepaid Cancellation is no less than: A 60-day cancellation notice, full payment, or reduction of prepaid minutes, plus a 197.00 cancellation fee. Unused minutes will be forfeited, additional minutes will be charged to the credit card on file. Campus Unlimited (Per Agent Plan) members are subject to no less than: A 90-day notice if the intent is full program cancellation and a $1950.00 cancellation and retraining fee. Members can cancel the program and return to the previous 

2022-Concierge Elite 205 N Michigan Ave Suite 810 Chicago, IL, 60601 1-210-750-1328

program with no penalty or fees. 

Partner Program (UPGS) are subject to no less than: A 60-day cancellation notice, full payment of minutes used, plus a $197.00 technology fee. 

Immediate Cancellation (No notice Given) If for any reason the customer terminates this agreement without notification of cancellation no less than full payment of minutes used, plus a termination fee of $1950.00 will be assessed. Equipment Any and all equipment provided by Concierge Elite is the property of Concierge Elite and is provided as a courtesy and on a no-charge lease basis. Upon cancellation, this equipment will be returned at the cost of the customer within 30 days of cancellation and returned to Concierge Elite 205 N Michigan Ave Suite 810 Chicago, IL, 60601. Failure to return the equipment will result in a $299.00 lost equipment fee. 

Late Charges 

Any payments not received within ten (10) days of the Subscription Date, and every month thereafter, are subject to a monthly Late Charge of $10 or 10% of the amount then due (whichever is greater), subject to any restrictions imposed by local law. In the event Concierge Elite does not receive full payment within ten (10) days after the Subscription Date, the Subscriber will be considered in material default of this Agreement (“Material Default”). After such Material Default, Concierge Elite shall maintain the right to collect any and all amounts then due, the Subscriber shall pay all legal fees and collection costs incurred by Concierge Elite, and the Subscriber shall pay all late fees that may accrue thereafter. Fee Increases. 

At the beginning of each renewal term, Concierge Elite may increase fees to reflect annual increases in consumer prices or costs. This increase will not exceed the greater of the percentage stated in the most recent consumer price index selected or 7.9% per annum. The increase is applied on a cumulative, year-over-year basis beginning on either the start of the preceding term or the date of the last increase, whichever is later. Not raising fees is not a waiver of Concierge Elite's right to do so. Concierge Elite may increase fees if the Customer elects to reduce the Services based on the current rates. Discounts, Offers, and Credits 

Subscribers may be presented with discounts, offers, credits, and other promotions (collectively, “Discounts”) from time to time, which reduce the cost of Services. Discounts can be used only once per Subscriber. Unless explicitly stated otherwise in the terms of the Discount (e.g., a seasonal promotion), Discounts are for new (first-time) Subscribers only and may not be combined. In the event of multiple applicable Discounts, the Subscriber may choose which one to apply. Discounts may have expiration dates and are no longer valid past the date of expiration. 

In addition, Discounts may be offered in conjunction with partners, affiliates, and other entities (collectively,"Partners"). Concierge Elite reserves the right to revoke a Discount at any time for improper usage, including but not limited to: (i) applying a Discount for or from a Partner when the Subscriber is not associated with, or a customer of, that Partner; (ii) applying a Discount intended for another Subscriber, or (iii) distributing a Discount intended for single use. 


Customer shall indemnify Concierge Elite, its officers, directors, employees, and agents from, and protect, defend and hold Concierge Elite harmless against any loss, cost, damage, or expense, including but not limited to attorney’s fees relating to or arising out of Customer’s use of any Services.


The customer shall maintain a valid payment method on file with Concierge Elite. Customer expressly authorizes Concierge Elite to charge any amount that Customer may owe for the Services including but not limited to outstanding monthly service fees, base rate, usage rates, and taxes.


Customer shall provide Concierge Elite with valid contact information for communication by email, phone, and US mail, and Concierge Elite may use that contact information to communicate with Customer about the Services. Service announcements or administrative communications may be communicated by email, phone, US mail, or other means. Any notice by US mail shall have been deemed given five (5) business days after the same is placed in the US mail postage prepaid, and addressed to the party at its address provided to Concierge Elite.


Service is subject to transmission limitations caused by failures in third-party telephone, satellite, or wireless carriers which 2022-Concierge Elite 205 N Michigan Ave Suite 810 Chicago, IL, 60601 1-210-750-1328

provide service links and other elements of the service, scheduled and emergency maintenance, atmospheric conditions, and other uncontrollable interferences. Customer agrees and understands that Concierge Elite is not required to notify them of any interruptions of any type, suspensions, curtailments, or failures and that Concierge Elite has no liability for any damages or loss therefrom.


The customer has no property rights to any of Concierge Elite telephone or ID numbers that Concierge Elite assigns to the Customer. Concierge Elite may assign, designate, or change such numbers when, in its sole discretion, it is reasonably necessary for the conduct of its business to do so, without liability to the Customer. Customers shall hold Concierge Elite harmless and without liability should their telephone, pager, or ID number/s no longer be available.


When permitted by state law, the Customer acknowledges and consents to telephone conversations into Concierge Elite receptionist center being monitored and recorded for training and quality purposes.


Concierge Elite offers a Referral Program as a benefit to Subscribers. In exchange for the direct and traceable referral of a new prospective Subscriber to Smith (an individual or business who has neither previously been a Subscriber nor currently is in negotiations, trial, or guarantee period prior to becoming a Subscriber) who becomes an actively paying Subscriber stemming from such referral, the Subscriber will receive a benefit of a $50.00 for every qualified scheduled demo and $200.00 for every qualified sale. OR 20% of Concierge Elite package pricing (pre-paid) or first months billing (Per min) entered into with the referred client. OR 50 credit minutes for every qualified scheduled demo appointment and 200 for every qualified sale. Credited in the next billing month. 

A Subscriber may not refer to themselves, nor may they refer to a new location, employee, or owned entity of the same business as a Subscriber. We reserve the right to investigate any suspicious or inappropriate activity relating to the Referral Program. Notwithstanding any provision of these terms, we are not be obligated to provide any discount to a referring Subscriber, whose referral results in a new actively paying Subscriber, if we determine, in our sole discretion, that the referred Subscriber is not a bona fide new Subscriber, including, without limitation, if referred or referring Subscriber engaged in any fraudulent or deceitful behavior in connection with the Referral Program, including, without limitation, if a referred or referring Subscriber, directly or indirectly, offered any person a financial or another incentive to become an actively paying Subscriber, used a referral link, code or another mechanism to redirect traffic from or divert discounts from, any other Subscriber in the Referral Program. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to delay payment of any discounts while we investigate Subscribers’ participation in the Referral Program or any use of referral links, codes, and other mechanisms. 

We reserve the right to cancel the Referral Program without prior notice in its entirety or for a specific referring Subscriber at any time for any reason. All questions and disputes regarding Subscribers’ eligibility for, and credits disbursed as part of, the Referral Program will be resolved by Concierge Elite at its sole discretion. 

Should the Subscriber desire to promote Concierge Elite products and services to their clients, peers, friends, family, and other individuals and businesses, in promoting Concierge Elite, the Subscriber agrees that they shall not use or permit any person or entity to use Concierge Elite trademarks, service marks, product marks, and any other branded graphics or logos (collectively, the “Marks”) without the prior written consent of Concierge Elite. All requests to use Concierge Elite Marks must be directed to


Information We Collect and Our Commitment to Confidentiality 

Information Collected by Concierge Elite 

When you subscribe to the Services, our trained staff will work with you to determine how we can provide the most effective receptionist services to you by learning what types of calls you generally receive and how you would like each call handled. For each type of call, such as a potential client or solicitation, you decide what information we collect from 

2022-Concierge Elite 205 N Michigan Ave Suite 810 Chicago, IL, 60601 1-210-750-1328

the caller, if any, and how we will convey any desired information to you. 

Confidentiality of Information Collected for You 

All information collected by Concierge Elite while providing the Services to you, including information received during Receptionist Calls, or provided for your subscription (“Subscriber Information”), is kept strictly confidential and is only shared with Concierge Elite staff that needs the information to provide the Services to you and your authorized staff. The utmost confidentiality of the Subscriber Information is guaranteed, so we do not require any separate confidentiality agreements to provide our Services to you in a manner that maintains confidentiality. 

Using, Storing, and Removing Your Subscriber Information 

All Subscriber Information is jointly owned by Concierge Elite and you. Concierge Elite retains this joint ownership solely so that it has the right to store the information collected on its secure servers and use it to provide excellent services to you, such as relaying messages to you through text and email, identifying spam callers and solicitations, and improving our Services. Concierge Elite will use Subscriber Information for the sole purpose of providing the Services pursuant to the instructions that you provide, and under no circumstances will Concierge Elite sell Subscriber Information or share it in any manner not specified in these Terms. 

If we are required to share Subscriber Information by law, we will notify you promptly upon receiving such a request. We will work with you to keep the Subscriber Information confidential if possible, but we will honor any applicable legal obligations regarding sharing the Subscriber Information. 

Concierge Elite stores your Subscriber Information in a segregated account that only contains your Subscriber Information. Each Subscriber can only access and use the information in its own Concierge Elite account. This allows us to only allow Concierge Elite staff working on your account to access your Subscriber Information. 

Additional Measures to Keep Your Subscriber Information Confidential 

In addition to not sharing, selling, or using Subscriber Information in any manner not described in these Terms and expressly agreed by you, we adhere to the following confidentiality protections: 

Our staff is trained to follow the confidentiality measures described in these Terms and must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement requiring them to keep all Subscriber information confidential prior to starting to work with any Subscriber Information. 

We perform regular malware scanning of the Platform and all servers and computers used by us to support the Platform. 

Subscriber Information is encrypted through RemotePC. Remote sessions are secured end-to-end with industry-standard AES 256-bit/TLS v1.2 encryption. For more information click RemotePC Compliance. Our staff will not ask any caller for information that is not specifically requested by you. 

Covered Entities. You understand and agree that if you are a Customer and a covered entity under HIPAA, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have executed and at all times comply with a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with Concierge Elite. 

Concierge Elite shall report to Subscriber, with all relevant details, any event that Concierge Elite reasonably believes represents unauthorized access to, disclosure of, use of, or damage to Content (a “Security Breach”). Concierge Elite shall make such a report within 48 hours after learning of the Security Breach. 

In the event of a Security Breach, Concierge Elite shall (a) cooperate with Subscriber to identify the cause of the breach and to identify any affected Content; (b) assist and cooperate with Subscriber in investigating and preventing the recurrence of the Security Breach; (c) assist and cooperate with Subscriber in any litigation or investigation against third parties that Subscriber undertakes to protect the security and integrity of Content, and (d) mitigate any harmful effect of the Security Breach. 

Confidentiality is a Two-Way Street 

While we employ the practices described in these Terms to provide the Services, we also follow your instructions regarding 2022-Concierge Elite 205 N Michigan Ave Suite 810 Chicago, IL, 60601 1-210-750-1328

how we can best provide the Services to you. Therefore, please ensure that any instructions provided to Concierge Elite regarding your account comply with your obligations and confidentiality expectations. We are not responsible for breaches of confidentiality that may occur when we are following your instructions, such as transmitting information to an unsecured server specified by you or the acts or omissions of your authorized staff members. Our goal is to be a valued member of your business, so we may contact you if we believe that a process could be improved, but our role in your business is limited to the Services that you order. 

In its provision of the Services, Concierge Elite will transcribe messages from calls that you receive. However, Concierge Elite does not monitor or censor such messages for content and is not responsible, or have any liability whatsoever, for the content of Subscriber Information or messages that are received by, on the behalf of, or intended for the Subscriber.


Concierge Elite Makes No Representation Or Warranties Of Any Kind Or Nature, Expressed Or Implied, As To Any Matter Whatsoever In Connection With The Services Or Relating To The Availability, Quality, Reliability, Suitability, Timeliness, Truth, Accuracy Or Completeness Of The Services. The Customer’s Use Of The Services Is At Its Own Risk. To The Maximum Extent Permitted By Applicable Law, The Services Are Provided To You On An “As-Is,” “As Available” And “Where-Is” Basis With No Warranty Of Implied Warranty Of Merchantability, Fitness For A Particular Purpose, Or Non-Infringement Of Third-Party Rights. Concierge Elite Does Not Warrant That The Services Will Meet All Of Your Requirements Or That Its Operations Will Be Uninterrupted Or Error Free. No Oral Or Written Information, Representation Or Advice Given By Concierge Elite Or Any Representative Of Concierge Elite Shall Create A Warranty Without A Writing Signed By Concierge Elite Reflecting The Creation Of That Warranty.


The obligations of Concierge Elite set forth herein are the sole remedy with respect to the provision of the Services. Notwithstanding any other provision of these Terms or any agreement between Concierge Elite and Customer, except as provided in the next paragraph, in no event shall Concierge Elite be liable for any direct, indirect, special, consequential, or punitive damage or loss of business caused directly or indirectly by any failure, omission, error, delay or interruption, including but not limited to (1) cell phones or any inadequacies thereof for any purpose, or (2) by the use or inability to use the Services or from the failure to take and transmit any message or from the failure to receive an accurate message or from the failure to receive any message at all, or (3) by the interruption or suspension or cancellation of Services or (4) failure to discontinue Services after Customer or Concierge Elite cancels Services. Concierge Elite is not responsible or liable for the failure of telephone and satellite communications or wireless carriers which provide service links and other elements of the Services. Concierge Elite shall have no liability unless notice of a Customer’s claim is given to Concierge Elite in writing within fourteen (14) days following the date of the problem. Concierge Elite liability at all times shall be limited to a credit adjustment equal to the Customer’s pro-rated monthly service charge for the period during which the liability arose, to a maximum of fifteen (15) days or $500.00, whichever is less.


Any controversy or claim between Customer and Concierge Elite arising out of or relating to (a) these Terms or the breach thereof, or (b) Customer’s access to or use of the Services, or (c) any alleged violation of any federal or state or local law, statute or ordinance (each such controversy or claim, a “Claim”), shall be resolved exclusively by binding arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its Commercial Arbitration Rules, with the arbitration to be held in the city of Chicago, IL. Customer hereby consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in Chicago, IL to enforce these Terms. However, judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. 

Claims shall be heard by a single arbitrator. Arbitrations shall be held in Chicago, IL, but the parties may choose for themselves whether to appear in person, by phone, or through the submission of documents. The arbitration shall be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act and by the internal laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, without regard to conflicts of laws principles. The prevailing party shall be entitled to an award of reasonable attorneys’ fees. 

In arbitration, the parties give up their right to have their Claim decided by a judge or jury, and their Claim is instead decided by an arbitrator. Discovery rights and appellate rights in arbitration are more limited than in court. The 

2022-Concierge Elite 205 N Michigan Ave Suite 810 Chicago, IL, 60601 1-210-750-1328

arbitrator shall issue a reasoned award in writing, including all findings of fact and law upon which the award was made. 

Customer and concierge elite agree that each may bring or participate in claims against the other only in their respective individual capacities, and not as a plaintiff or class member in any purported class, consolidated or representative proceeding. Unless both customer and concierge elite agree otherwise in writing, the arbitrator may not consolidate or join the claims of other persons or parties who may be similarly situated, and may not otherwise preside over any form of a representative or class proceeding. If a Claim implicates this section, and if this section is found to be invalid, unenforceable, or illegal by a court of competent jurisdiction, then such claim must be adjudicated by a court and not by an arbitrator. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if any claim is not subject to arbitration, the customer agrees to submit and consent to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction in, and the exclusive venue of, the state and federal courts located within the city of Chicago, IL (or, for federal courts, Chicago, IL ), which is the place of performance of these terms.


Customer waives any right to commence or participate in any class action lawsuit against Concierge Elite related to any claim, dispute, or controversy, and, where applicable, agrees to opt-out of any class proceeding against concierge elite otherwise commenced on or after the effective date.



You understand and agree that if you are a Customer and a covered entity under HIPAA, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have executed and at all times comply with a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with Concierge Elite.


Concierge Elite does not offer triage services or any service by which telecommunication devices are used for the long-distance diagnosis, management, or education of patients or animals. In the event of injury or death while participating in any service offered by Concierge Elite, in no event shall I, hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, assigns, or personal representatives, knowingly and voluntarily enter into this waiver and release of liability and hereby waive any and all rights, claims or causes of action of any kind whatsoever arising out of my participation in Concierge Elite services, and do hereby release and forever discharge Concierge Elite, located at 205 N Michigan Ave Suite 810 Chicago, IL 60601, their affiliates, managers, members, agents, attorneys, staff, volunteers, heirs, representatives, predecessors, successors and assign, for any physical or psychological injury, including but not limited to illness, paralysis, death, damages, economical or emotional loss, that I may suffer as a direct result of my participation in the Concierge Elite service offerings.


Concierge Elite may in its sole discretion, without prior notice to you, revise these Terms and Conditions at any time. Should these Terms and Conditions change materially, Concierge Elite will update the Effective Date noted above and post a notice regarding the updated Terms and Conditions on the Websites and Members Hub. The amended Terms and Conditions will also appear when the Platforms are accessed by you and you will need to acknowledge your agreement to the amended Terms and Conditions prior to being able to continue to use the Platforms. If you do not agree to the terms of the amended Terms and Conditions, your sole and exclusive remedy are to discontinue your use of the Websites and Platforms and you will be deemed to have terminated these Terms and Conditions. Amended Terms and Conditions will be effective as of the Effective Date unless otherwise stated. By accessing or using Concierge Elite services after such changes are posted you agree and consent to all such changes.

2022-Concierge Elite 205 N Michigan Ave Suite 810 Chicago, IL, 60601 1-210-750-1328

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