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Reason and Benefits of Hiring A Remote Front Desk Agent in 2023

Updated: Jan 17

In an ever-changing world where inflation, overhead, uncertainty in national policy changes, and the pandemic of Covid-19 is closing business down worldwide, no one is immune, and everyone is struggling to stay in the game.

Staffing and labor markets are stretched thin as millions of Americans rethink priorities and make new career moves—those working are demanding higher wages and this is increasing your overhead and the ability to stay competitive. Unexpected circumstances and the worry about tomorrow and how it affects your family and your business. These worries and stressors are among some of the top motivation killers for entrepreneurs and business owners.

"The new normal has become just that—normal. "
Should I Hire a Remote Front Desk Agent?

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The idea of reporting to a physical workplace for an office job seems antiquated as more businesses build their workforce by hiring remote talent. Your costs are getting higher; the candidate pool is getting smaller; finding quality people is challenging, not to mention the expenses associated with hiring. We all know that the front desk is visitors' first point of contact. They're also a key part of ensuring that your business runs smoothly, but why not rethink the possibilities? When hiring remote employees to take care of these tasks, they can do so from any location, and they, believe it or not, can do it without sacrificing quality or performance! If you're looking for a way to save money, hiring remote is the new normal.

The percentage of Americans who work from home has increased dramatically in recent years, and it is projected that this trend will continue. When the pandemic hit America's workforce, many people felt paralyzed with fear of contracting or transmitting disease, resulting in workers taking time off to stay healthy and reevaluating job wants, needs, and priorities. In 2020 only about 25% of U.S. professionals worked from home. This new normal has increased to over 90% of talent who now expect this from their employer.

In my work with front desk employees and in training over the last 20 years, I have spoken with thousands of practices owners, just like yourself, and some of the biggest complaints I hear time and time again is

  • "I can't hire good staff."

  • "I can't get my staff to show up for work."

  • "Hiring staff is unpredictable right now and they are unrealistic about wages and hours."

  • "My Staff has been here a long time, and they are stuck in their ways and are not open to change."

All these are legitimate concerns and while old-school tactics would tell you it’s time to train and retrain staff, experience is showing that the top 1%of practice owners are making moves just like this to move the needle and stay ahead of the game. There are truly 5 silver bullet strategies for hiring in 2022 that you need to know. It’s time to move forward and find new ways of doing things. If you wait any longer you may find yourself like many Americans, closing your business for good.

Let's talk about dollars and cents.

Forbes magazine states that hiring virtually is a "smart investment." Your time as a business owner is vital to tasks that build the business and contribute to the bottom line.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is Smart Move for Your Home Business

The average cost of a remote employee is far less than what it would take to hire an in-house employee because they can be hired specifically for your front desk tasks and trained as front desk specialists and, in some cases, are trained in your specific field. Remote Front Desk most always comes with lower labor costs due to hiring without boundaries and limitations of your particular location. One study estimates that an on-premise employee can cost a company around $18,000 annually in physical office space only. While another study found that employers can save an average of $11,000 for every part-time employee they hire remotely and that savings could double to around $22,000 if that employee was fully remote.

Hiring a remote worker is not as easy and duplicatable as most people think. There are partner companies that work for your business and follow your protocols and policies. These partners have it down to a science. Instead of doing it yourself or through traditional methods, this partner will control everything needed to support a distributed workforce and the requirements and compliance to maintain human resources management, taxes, benefits, payroll, and training.

Concierge Elite

Is one of those partners who can handle all your needs for you. They hire customer service professionals as your remote staff. The rates are affordable and customizable and they have packages to fit all business sizes. The team is trained specially in the veterinary, and human medical fields.

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Reasons and Benefits of Hiring a Front Desk Agent

They are a concierge service that can work around the clock providing a boost to your front desk game. Your bottom line increases as they work capitalizing on incoming phone calls, texts, chat management, administrative tasks, outbound reactivation, and appointment reminders. They are not a call center, but an extension of your team. Leaving all the liability of hiring, training, and the instability of staffing to them.

Concierge Elite provides the flexibility and efficiency needed to work with clients at home. They can provide support for your clientele in their workplace, at home, or from anywhere in the world. As a small business owner, you have so much to do already. With so many hats to wear, this service is a big help.

Going remote is only a part of what Concierge Elite brings to the table. They have a variety of different services for the entire team. They can provide administrative support, email marketing, customer service, social media management, scheduling assistance, and reactivation calls. Check the 3 Strategies for Success to boost your remote workforce.



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