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Why Every Doctor Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

Working Remotely for Employers

In recent posts, we talked about hiring virtual assistants and how they have many benefits. The details about hiring one were then requested by several people. In this post, I will talk about what a virtual assistant is and why hiring one is a good idea.

There are entire books devoted to this topic. Still, I'll do my best to give you enough information to make an informed choice. In upcoming blog posts, I'll discuss hiring a virtual assistant and working with one; make sure to check out other posts or our podcast Understaffed by Melissa Brown.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Assistant virtual works remotely to perform tasks on your behalf. Several studies previously reliant on close proximity can now be done remotely using video chat, shared documents, and artificial intelligence.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Having worked with several virtual assistants and seen their benefits firsthand, I believe everyone should consider using one. While most doctors don't use assistants in their day-to-day routines, there are several reasons they should. Having an assistant isn't just for celebrities.

Free Up Time

Having a virtual assistant is one of the most effective ways to decrease your workload and free up your time as a busy professional. Being a Chief of Staff, wife, mother, friend, etc., can be exhausting.

Add to that "busy-work" tasks that need to get done, and the day just doesn't seem to have enough hours. We should focus on how to free up time in our lives; this is a great way.

Free Up Mental Energy

The key is to focus on things you are passionate about, or that will help you advance your side hustles or businesses. Mundane tasks can be outsourced, but so much mental energy is devoted to them. To grow your business, you should focus on the fun stuff and higher-level thinking. This can be accomplished more effectively by using a virtual assistant to handle those menial tasks.

Get Tasks Done Faster

Let's face it: You may not be the fastest at typing, bookkeeping, or making presentations or slideshows. VAs can do that daily and do it much more quickly than you can.

You Can Delegate Stuff You Just Don't Enjoy Doing

Have you noticed that it's so difficult to get through specific projects or tasks just because you don't enjoy doing them? You won't even think about it and will stop halfway through. Consider the tasks you've put off for weeks, months, or even years. That's probably because they're not your favorite things to do.

My relief at being able to offload some of the bookkeeping is profound. It is possible to hire someone to do those tasks for you who will gladly do them with a smile on their face.

Downsides of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

It Costs Money

It can be (accurately) argued that a good VA will ultimately pay for themselves, but there is a cost. No one will work for free.

Consider the productivity you could gain rather than the money you will lose when doing a cost-benefit analysis. "Time is money, as the old saying goes, and it couldn't be more accurate. What is the value of your time?


Everyone indeed likes things done a certain way. You are the only person who knows exactly how you want them to be done; teaching someone what's in your head takes time. A virtual assistant needs time to work in a way that produces satisfactory results. You'll be surprised at how synchronized you can become once that time passes.

Communicating effectively takes skill; over time, they become pretty good at understanding what you mean.

Have to Let Go of Some Control

My friend, I get it. You're a control freak, and you like to do things yourself. Sometimes it's hard to let that mentality go. Doctors have "superhero syndrome," where they believe they can handle everything and have it all under control.

Virtual assistants require you to give up some control, which can be scary, but they can be highly rewarding. We are used to thinking that if we want something done well, we must do it ourselves.

Trust is Difficult and Takes Time

Learning how much you can trust a virtual person takes time, especially if it involves confidential information. You may have to depend on this virtual person for something; building trust may take some time.

A virtual assistant has many benefits for physicians, but what are they?

Anyone who wants to free up their time and sees the value in paying someone to do it can hire a virtual assistant, regardless of their profession. There are a lot of services we pay for every day, whether or not we realize it: a CPA does our taxes, someone washes our cars, someone makes our food, etc. Having a VA is not much different, but their service contributes directly to your productivity and peace of mind.

A virtual assistant is worth it for a physician who wants to spend time doing something they enjoy. As physicians, we value our time very highly, and our little free time is even more valuable.

It is easy to plug a VA in if you have a side hustle or business. Do you need someone to take care of your schedule, make phone calls, and more? A virtual assistant can help. Many companies already have at least one assistant, so outsourcing here makes sense.

Should I Just Hire an In-Person Assistant?

It really depends on your needs. Do you need someone to drive to places for you literally? Do you have a business that requires a great deal of packaging and sending out? Maybe you need someone to come to your house or office to do these things with you. There are many things we can automate, order on the internet, or do virtually in this day and age. This makes it cheaper to hire someone virtually rather than in person.

Can a VA perform specific tasks?

Including, but not limited to:

Organizing spreadsheets

Create presentations

Edit writing

Order presents, supplies

Ordering your groceries

Email Management

Organize files

Organize photos

Social Media posting

Hotel and Flight Booking


Is there really a way to save time? Small tasks can take a lot of time, especially over a week.

You might spend more than you need to, but it saves many of us hours a week not having to get in our cars, drive to the store, walk the aisles, wait in the checkout line, and drive home. Until you used this technology, you probably didn't realize how much time it would save you. It's the same with having a virtual assistant. Once you start using one, you realize how much time you waste every week doing things that can be easily outsourced, streamlined, and simplified.

Personally, I save five to ten hours a week by using assistants. If you had an extra hour a day, what would you do with it?

What Is the Cost of a Virtual Assistant?

Depending on the following factors, this varies quite a bit:

It doesn't matter whether you pay per task, per hour, or per salary

Perform the task with the necessary expertise

Experience of the VA

Country of origin of the VA

In addition to this last point, Payscale.com reports that the average virtual assistant in the United States earns $15.82 per hour. In the Philippines, however, the average VA makes $4-5 per hour. It depends again on their type of work. Basic, general tasks pay less, while those involving personal information or complex tasks pay more.

What are the best places to hire a virtual assistant?

Is Hiring a virtual assistant a good idea?


If this has not been clarified, I highly recommend hiring a virtual assistant. Yes, we're used to getting things done and doing them ourselves, especially if we want them done correctly. We often fill our precious free time with tasks we don't enjoy, aren't good at, or aren't supposed to be doing. If this has not been clarified, I highly recommend hiring a virtual assistant. Yes, we're used to getting things done and doing them ourselves, especially if we want them done correctly. We often fill our precious free time with tasks we don't enjoy, aren't good at, or aren't supposed to be doing.

When evaluating whether you should hire one, I recommend doing a quick inventory of those same tasks in your own life.

Your least favorite tasks

You are doing tasks that could be handled by someone else (probably faster and more efficiently).

These tasks probably shouldn't be done by you.

Spending more than an hour a week on those things might be worth considering hiring someone. That would free up 52 hours a year.

As a result, I have changed how I live weekly and monthly. Instead of sitting on my to-do list, specific tasks like paperwork and online research get done. My mental energy is devoted to things more meaningful to me. My time is more often spent doing what I enjoy, like watching sports, hanging out with my family, and working on my side hustles.

Think about hiring a virtual assistant to free up your time. You might be able to regain some of the lost time if you focus on how to free up your time.

Are you interested in using a virtual assistant? Have you ever used one before? Did you find it helpful? What were some of the benefits and challenges?

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