• Sarah N

What Makes a Good Virtual Medical Scribe

As technology has evolved, so has the medical scribe's role. Virtual medical scribes are dedicated professionals who aid doctors in their clinical work. Virtual medical scribes are a team member and an extension of the onsite medical team. An excellent virtual medical scribe can work well with their manager, off-site staff, and onsite doctors. Being a virtual scribe requires more than just being available. The scribe should be efficient and willing to work fast, something fundamental in the healthcare industry. A great virtual scribe listens to instructions and takes notes immediately during an examination so they can relay them to the doctor. Excellent communication skills are required as they will have to interact with patients. A good virtual medical scribe should possess a variety of traits.

Since they are working alongside the doctor, they must have patience and a good attitude. A great virtual medical scribe is the ability to focus on the task. A great virtual medical scribe will have superior listening skills and be able to focus on the patient's needs instead of thinking about their own personal issues.

Medical terminology is an essential part of the job. When you are a virtual medical scribe, there are times that your patients need to discuss complex medical issues. While it will be crucial to understand these terms, they should not hesitate to ask if they do not know what they mean. Virtual medical scribes are usually trained to work with different computer programs, meaning they should know how to navigate any type of EHRs. Excellent typing skills are also necessary; they should be able to keep up with the doctor during a medical examination.

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