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The Personal Assistant is Back, Virtually!

How about the days when all bosses had personal assistants (PA)? If you're old enough to remember, you'll know how executives have taken over the PA role.

Personal Assistant

Previously, managers might have delegated their day-to-day administrative tasks to their assistants. Still, they must juggle their core leadership role with everyday administrative tasks alone.

Small-business owners and solo entrepreneurs face the same challenges. However, the possibility isn't impossible if you've ever wished for a PA. Because of technology advancements, it is now possible to partially hire someone who fills this role.

A virtual assistant is possible without the prohibitive budgetary requirements that have forced many companies to eliminate them, except for the senior executives.

Are you looking for someone to assist you in your daily activities? In addition to being back in style, they are also more affordable than ever. There will be no need for a desk in your office space because the PA will be remote-but only in their location, not in their services.

Personal Assistants: What happened to them?

The advent of digital technologies and rising labor costs made PAs nemeses, once prevalent in office suites of businesses large and small. Personal Assistants for managers became less and less popular over time as enterprises could not afford them.

Meanwhile, digital tools helped time-strapped business people manage their diaries and admin without extra assistance, such as email, spreadsheets, and time-management software.

While that same technology makes it possible to hire human assistants without the high costs and commitments of employment contracts, it also saturates business professionals with distracting tasks, such as email management.

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and busy professionals authorized to procure services to benefit their respective organizations can now afford a virtual assistant that helps them stay organized.

What Can a Virtual Personal Assistant Do for You?

The responsibilities now on the shoulders of a single professional have increased more than would have seemed possible a few decades ago, thanks to all the technology available to assist us. If you run a solo business or are an independent entrepreneur, you will likely be familiar with that reality.

Responsibilities and tasks

Spend less time on basic administration so you can spend more time generating revenue and growth. Unless you have family members helping you or have already grown your business enough to hire employees, it will probably be a lot of time spent on tedious tasks.

Capable and affordable VPAs

A virtual personal assistant may solve your dilemma. You may not have to worry about many tasks you wish you didn't have to do with a part-time or full-time provider living in a low-cost country and having a contract dedicated to your business.

The COVID-19 pandemic has positively impacted the number of remote workers, including personal assistants.

Despite the Coronavirus crisis, innovation thrives in the face of adversity. Businesses have learned that remote services are just as credible as those provided by local employees.

Virtual personal assistants (VPA) are a great choice when you need some help with your personal life. To organize yourself and your activities, you do not necessarily need a Personal Assistant in your office.

VPAs can perform any of the following tasks remotely, easing your day-to-day burden and allowing you to focus more energy on your business growth:

Managing your calendar:

Scheduling appointments and reminding you of them.Management of electronic files: For example, reviewing all electronic documents and identifying those that require printing and signing.

Email management:

Organizing attachments, maintaining your inbox, and archiving messages. Editing and polishing your outgoing emails. Create and maintain your mailing lists as necessary.

Personal Shopping:

The act of purchasing and shipping items online that aren't time-sensitive, such as gifts for birthdays, holidays, or business necessities.

Travel arrangements:

Booking your hotels, flights, and other travel-related reservations.

Customer Service:

Managing customer inquiries and emails is an excellent way to justify hiring a personal assistant on a full-time basis. Customer service protocols are typically well-understood by virtual PAs.

Data management:

Creates, updates, and maintains your spreadsheets, databases, and other IT applications.

Management of social media posts:

Scheduling posting and managing them with the best algorithms to improve your business.

It is possible to find a personal assistant who will work part-time if you don't think you can afford a full-time assistant or don't have enough work to delegate.


Even though a VPA can handle so many tasks, including some that wouldn't have traditionally been considered VPA tasks, a full-time arrangement can often prove to be worth it.

Regain some organization in your business life

Small business owners or solopreneurs, you can no longer ignore the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant at half the cost of hiring a traditional PA.

If you begin to think about the VPA's services should be viewed as an investment, not simply a cost.

Work-life balance

Balance your work and personal lives. Boost your productivity by focusing on activities that add value to your company

Increase the organization and efficiency of your enterprise. The right personal assistant can even fill some skills gaps.

Consider candidates better at some of the tasks listed earlier in this article than you are. Because that's where their core competencies lie, most virtual assistants should be able to surpass you on at least some of them.

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