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The Best Kind of Virtual Receptionists

Are you constantly receiving phone inquiries from customers interested in your products or services? Even though some calls may be complaints, there is still an opportunity to provide customers with a positive experience.

Spending time wishing you had a receptionist to take care of all those calls if you're handling them yourself or, more importantly, missing some of them.

Taking care of all those calls

On a tight business budget, you can have a receptionist-and no; we don't mean an automated call handling system.

Virtual assistant companies like Concierge Elite can provide a real human receptionist at a very reasonable price.

Human Virtual Receptionists Have Many Benefits

In terms of customer experience, a virtual human receptionist (VR) is more beneficial than an artificial intelligence-based digital solution.

Artificial intelligence

Whether we are interacting with a vendor or service provider, everyone loves to feel that sense of personal connection.

If you are still unsure, read on since we will show you the concrete advantages of having a live person greet your customers, leads, and prospects—even one representing your business remotely—and interacting with them on your behalf.

A virtual Receptionist's forte is customer service.

Despite excelling at business ownership and development, many people are less than exemplary in handling telephone calls. Virtual receptionists can be a great asset to your company if you fall into this category and are honest about it.

Your virtual receptionist can answer all incoming calls, will greet the caller, make them feel welcome, answer simple questions, and route the call to you or the person best suited to handle the inquiry.

Today, the geographic location of the telephone receptionist is of little importance. Due to digital technology, you can make calls to a local number from anywhere and transfer them to another number.


A virtual receptionist in some countries, such as the Philippines, speaks English with a neutral accent. There is no need for your callers to know that their call is routed through an overseas country.

Globalization has made many people accustomed to making calls from anywhere, as long as they have a good experience.

Make Your Business Available 24/7

You can provide live telephone responses around the clock by hiring one or more virtual receptionists who operate overseas. If you run an online business with an international clientele, that's an invaluable advantage.

Around the clock

Virtual receptionists can work a day shift during your night hours if they are in a time zone that allows it. Your callers will never need to navigate an automated menu for answers, and you won't need to pay a premium for night work.

Once your VR has been trained and familiarized with your business, it can answer many callers' questions directly.

VRs can note, assure the caller that a response will be forthcoming within a specified timeframe, and list calls for you to address during business hours when they come in after hours.

Two or three virtual receptionists working as a team can provide 24-hour global coverage for your business. You and your local staff will only need to handle calls requiring a specific person's attention.

Virtual Receptionists are at a lower cost than employed ones.

On average, employees are productive for only about three hours per day. The receptionist may spend much of that paid time unproductive since you would pay them for perhaps eight hours of attendance each day.

Unproductive capacity

A virtual receptionist can cost as much as 80% less than an employee for four hours per day once all costs and benefits.

With a virtual receptionist, you won't have to worry about overhead costs, and you'll save space in your local business facility.

Finding a Great Virtual Receptionist

Consider hiring virtual receptionists instead of handling inbound calls alone or implementing an automated or impersonal solution to take inbound calls to save time and money.

Virtual receptionists

You must find the right contractors to provide your customers and other callers with genuine, professional, personal assistance.

Identifying and hiring virtual receptionists or a team for your business is possible in several ways. In this case, determining VRs will require time and effort to search for suitable freelancers.

The search can be frustrating if you don't find the person whose profile you're looking for in the first few online profiles you examine.

In addition, you might consider companies where virtual assistants work as a team at a central office, supervised by managers, and provided with enterprise-class tools and training.

Advantages of Hiring From a VR Provider

Virtual assistant companies offer several advantages. First, the provider will identify and supply you with a virtual receptionist well suited to your business needs and culture. Looking for more than one VR that can be particularly useful. The recruitment and hiring process is faster as a result,

Here are some of the other benefits:

-The VR companies will back up your VR during the contracted hours, so you're assured of uninterrupted service.

-A training assistance program is available.

-You will have fast access to other virtual specialists who can assist your business when necessary, virtual assistants, researchers, developers, marketers, and creatives.

-Staff coverage is provided if your regular VR is on holiday or sick leave.

-The communication, fee payment, and administrative flow process are simplified when you have a genuine business-to-business relationship.

-In times of high demand, the company can quickly deploy more VRs to handle the market and move them elsewhere during quiet periods.

The social rewards of working for a company, rather than freelancing from home, are more significant for employed virtual receptionists. Their colleagues and team leaders provide support, and they do not feel isolated. As a result, your VR will be able to provide your business with the highest level of dedication and performance.

Professional Caller Reception at a Low Cost

Small businesses can take advantage of the ease with which online business is conducted today, whether they hire a virtual assistant company or freelance receptionists.

Isn't it essential for your business to deliver a personal, engaging experience to your callers to win business and grow? Fortunately, it's now possible to do so without sacrificing complexity or cost.

Gain business success

Hiring a remote-working receptionist can eliminate the hassle and cost of hiring an on-site receptionist or switch to an automated, robotic call management solution. Don't you think that's a prospect that requires a positive response?

Find out how Concierge Elite can match you with high-performing remote business assistants by contacting us, and we'll be happy to assist you.

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