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S2 E5 How to overcome issues and push forward to success with Charline

Welcome to today's podcast, where we have Charline from joining us to share her inspiring story of overcoming financial instability and making tough choices that led to her success as a leader of a large team.

Charline talks about the feelings of guilt that crept in as she navigated the challenges of building and running a successful business. She shares how she overcame these feelings by forgiving herself and seeking guidance from God.

Even with her huge success, Charline faced situations where she had to make a tough moral choice between staying loyal to her company and standing up for what was right for herself and her team. She risked it all by walking away from her business and starting a new one that helps people improve their financial fitness.

Charline also discusses her experiences with sex trafficking and how she started to learn more about the issue and ways to help. Through her business, Arukah, she aims to support sex trafficking victims and provide them with a way to restore their lives.

We hope you enjoy this episode and come away inspired by Charline's story. Visit to learn more about her work. You can also reach out to Charline at for more information.


00:08 Melissa Today's podcast is brought to you by Concierge. Melissa B. Conciergeelite provides dedicated remote, front desk staff and virtual assistants to your office. We specialize in finding your office the perfect and right fit for your office and your office only full or part time. Your remote team member is just that yours. We do all the hiring, the recruiting and training. Yes, the training. It's one of the things that makes us unique as we train your dedicated remote team member in your systems and software. Welcome to understaffed. I'm melissa brown. Today we have with us charlene boucher. Now, she is an entrepreneur. Let me tell you about Charlene and her history. Now Charlene's professional career started out in court reporting, but after several setbacks a divorce, foreclosure of a home, her personal life and career really started to take a different path. In 2003, she became a manager at Lockheed Martin and she met her husband there, Marty.

01:04 Melissa She's been married now almost 20 years. Quickly she realized she didn't fit there. She had a desire to be an entrepreneur, to help others grow both personally and financially. She had a weight loss journey of her own. Success story about £80 she lost. So she used this as a catalyst. She left the corporate world and she built a fitness and business coaching business. Now she's one of the founders of Team Beachbody. Now she stayed there for twelve years. She earned top Coach Award, million dollar Earner Award, and served as a member of the Coach Advisory Board, all while building one of the largest teams in the company and developing, get this, two other million dollar earners along with several six figure earners. Now she created and developed training that was adopted by the company to both train new and elite coaches. She also in 2017 realized though, that the company started making decisions that was really not in the direction that she wanted to go in her life.

02:07 Melissa She made a choice to walk away from that huge business. Now this is scary guys, not knowing the next steps. I know there's a lot of entrepreneurs out there who do this as well, kind of take that leap of faith. Over the next several years, she continues to mentor and minister to both people here in the US. While traveling the world, Colombia, South America, Israel, and co founded a company that helps child sex trafficking victims. She sells things and the proceeds go to help that organization. Now, Charlene is now teaching people financial literacy, helping them with income protection, debt reduction, investments, sharing income opportunities for those who were like her and want ways to make multiple streams of income. I know that you guys are going to be impressed by Charlene and everything she has to share.

03:01 Melissa All right, thank you so much for being here. Charlene, we appreciate you being on Understaffed.

03:06 Charline Thank you for inviting me.

03:08 Melissa Yes, I'm excited. I have shared your bio with the listeners, and that was a great bio. You have definitely done some things in your life. You've been some places, had some experiences, and definitely had some ups and downs along the way.

03:23 Charline Absolutely. Yes.

03:24 Melissa One of the things that I really noticed is you kind of had two, and there may be more, but there were two that really set out to me turning points in your life. One, when you really made a decision and you were financially just down and out. You made a huge decision to change your life at that point. Another turning point when you were really financially stable, you were running this very successful team, and you decided to do something different. I want you to kind of talk about those. How are they similar? How are they different? Because our listeners could be in either situation right now. They could be really down and out, or they could be really successful, but not happy. So talk about those things.

04:04 Charline Okay, well, all right, so let's talk about the first one. That's back when I was kind of down and out. I know that a lot of people will find themselves in that position. What I can tell you about that is some of the decisions that led to me being kind of down and out financially was the decisions that I made. Right. There were other decisions that were made by other people that were out of my control. It got down to the bottom of it, when I got to a place where I had to make a decision whether I was just going to continue to go down this road and continue to blame other people, continue to be sorry for myself, to beat myself up for my own decisions, I had to make that a choice. I think everybody comes to that point where you either give up and you just settle and you say, okay, this is my lot, or you say, no, this is not my lot in life.

05:02 Charline This is not what I was born to do. I know there's more for me. You make a decision to basically put 1ft in the other. But you start making different choices. One, you forgive yourself if you need to. I know I did. Two, you forgive the other people that may have been involved in getting you into that position. Right. That's probably the hardest part for people. The hardest part. I mean, by forgiving ourselves, sometimes that can be the hardest thing. That's really what was shifting for me. I just had to start making some different choices, forgive myself and pick myself up. Okay. And it wasn't easy. It wasn't an overnight success, but it was each day, especially in the beginning, just one day at a time. First, it started with my health. I was overweight £80 overweight. So that's where I started. I said, okay, what do I have control of these other things that are out of my control?

06:04 Charline I can't do anything about that. But what do I have control? Okay? I can control what I do with my body, what I put in it. That's where I started from, that disciplining, that other choices and other things in my life kind of fell into place as I started kind of disciplining that area. It didn't have to do and it had a lot to do with vision. I didn't have vision. You don't have vision, you can end up anywhere, right? I had to actually get vision for my life. Where did I want to go? That's how that kind of started, right? Then let's talk. It was over a process of time, right? I was able to get myself out of that. As a matter of fact, the day my house was foreclosed on was the day I went into labor with my youngest son. That was a fun day, let me tell you.

06:55 Charline I had a two year old hanging on my leg at the time. For people who don't know, I mean, I understand what that's like, but I can tell you there is light. The other thing I can tell you about that time is that really, for me personally, it was a time where I started seeking out something beyond myself because I was very driven. Like a lot of leaders, a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of business. We have our own drive, right? We have this within us in eightley. Driven, driven, driven. You can get to the point where you drive yourself and you're trying to do it all yourself, and you're striving. You're striving and you're striving, and you still end up not in a good place. And so I started seeking. I started seeking God and seeking answers for that. Why did he make me this way?

07:45 Charline Why? That is kind of when things kind of started opening up for me, and I didn't feel guilty anymore because you kind of start feeling guilty for being the way you are. I did. I started, why am I so driven? Why do I want all these things? Why am I making some of these choices? In the beginning, it can feel selfish, and sometimes it is. You can redirect that and really understand who you are, it makes the process of overcoming things a lot easier. If that makes sense, okay, now, in fast forward, so here's the wild thing about it. Similarly, later on, I went into corporate America, and then I left that to actually start and run and build a big team and a large, very successful team. In the middle of that success, at the height of it, I found myself again questioning myself about why am I doing what I'm doing.

08:46 Charline The business or the partner, the company that I was partnered with started making some choices that didn't align with me. I had to make a choice at that point because I ran a very large team. Now, as as a leader, people are going to follow your lead. They trust you. I built up a very good rapport with people and I really believed in what were doing. When that shifts and when you start learning something as a leader, you have to make hard choices, right?

09:16 Melissa Yeah.

09:16 Charline You have to do things that may not look right to everybody else, but as a leader, you do the right thing. I decided at that time that I was going to step away and step back from that. It was similar because I found myself again unhappy and I'm as happy generally, but within I felt that I wasn't contributing what I was supposed to contribute as a leader. Yes, I had a great team and yes, I was able to mentor and encourage them. I also knew when things shifted that I didn't want to be leading people down the wrong path. I didn't want one day to wake up and feel like I was encouraging people to do something that I felt that we're never really going to be able to achieve with this particular company. I'm not talking about leadership skills. I will tell you it doesn't matter.

10:14 Charline You take yourself with you when you learn a skill, you take that with you. No matter what business you're doing, no matter whether you're not working, you're raising kids at home, it doesn't matter. These are skills that you can use for anything. I found myself in a similar mental position as I had when I didn't have anything and I was losing everything. I had to start making choices and I had to be in this. I had been through some things, I had some skills, I had grown as a person and I had surrounded myself with some people who could speak to other leaders that could speak into my life. I think that's important.

10:54 Melissa Yeah, I want to cause you there because we've been talking about that and some of the leadership things is really being able to build yourself up and having people around you that encourage that. I think that's important that you're saying that right now as well, because we're hearing that a lot from other leaders.

11:11 Charline Yeah, well, the one thing I did learn is that you're the smartest person in the room. You're in the wrong room, you need to get another room. Because about the time you think that you've got it all together, you will find out very quickly that you don't. When you have to make hardest choices, you've got to have people around you that can keep you focused on why you're doing what you're doing. When you can put strong leaders around you that have either been through it already or they're just somebody that believes in you and can speak truth to you, good and bad, both ways. So, yeah, it absolutely Melissa, it's very important to have that.

11:54 Melissa You've made the two changes, and we've talked about how some they're similar, but they're different, too, because I think when you have nothing to lose, you lose. Okay, whatever. In the other one, you had a lot to lose. There was a lot of relationships that you had built, there, a lot of financial stability that you had, all of those things. Now you're in different situation where you have a lot to lose. By the sound of it was a moral change. It was the direction of the company, and you didn't feel good about doing that and picking your team in that direction and leading people in that. It was very much based on your morals and characters of really saying, I've got to walk away from this and I've got to do it and I can't take people down that road. Two different kind of situations but turn up in your life and it brings you kind of to now and what you're doing now.

12:53 Melissa Over the next couple of years, you talked about how you kind of started another business, that entrepreneur spirit within you. Talk about the last several years.

13:02 Charline Okay, well, yeah, so once I left there, of course, that doesn't leave you, right? When you're a leader, when you're a business person, entrepreneurial minded, that doesn't just go away. I did find myself kind of in a resting period, I want to say. I had to kind of step back and say, okay, that business. I went all in, like you said, it was like 1213 years. I mean, completely 100% in. It did cost me it did, it cost me friends because people didn't understand the whole big picture. It did cost me money. I went from making a lot of money to zero. My husband had retired early. We had nothing to fall back on except some of the investments that we had made, which at that time I didn't know some things that I know now. So, yeah, I had a lot to lose. That is when I drew from all the things understanding, faith and understanding if the Lord was leading me to it and then he was leading me out of it, that he was actually going to be my provision and he was going to provide for me.

14:07 Charline So that is actually exactly what happened. The interesting thing is when I left, I didn't miss a beat. Things that were trying, I had some land that would not sell, all of a sudden sold. All these things started happening and we didn't miss a beat. We haven't missed anything. Inside of me, of course, that entrepreneur you were talking about that doesn't go away and so I kept that open in my mind like, okay, what is it that I want to do next? I don't want to get involved with something else that's going to take me years down the road from me just getting back in the same position, right? One of the things I always want to do is help people. And that's what I was doing before. That was my most favorite part, was being able to help people. Back then it was health and fitness, and then it was also business coaching, encouraging ministering, however that was and so this opportunity came to me and it's still helping people.

15:05 Charline It's just helping people on the financial side of things. Instead of health and fitness, now it's financial fitness. And I think that's just as important. Two of the most major things that people struggle with in their life is their health and their finances. I'm very excited that I'm actually able to do that for people and to show them light at the end of the tunnel. Because I will tell you, finances is a big deal. It causes a lot of stress, causes marital problems. I went through it, I went from not having any to having a lot to not having any. I understand debt, we got ourselves into a lot of debt, I understand a lot of different aspects so I can relate to a lot of people. Now on the other side of it, I know how to get out of it, I know how to say fix it and I'm very excited about helping people do that.

16:02 Charline On top of that, I'm still able to build a team and encourage people and mentor people because I'm actually building a business, teaching people to do what I'm doing because I can only help so many people.

16:14 Melissa Now Charlene, also talk to us about your helping with the sex trafficking and the cofounder of that company. I think there's a lot of people out here who would be really interested in hearing about that.

16:28 Charline Oh yes, okay. A couple of years, right when COVID hit, I mean, that's a great time to start a business, isn't it? Yes, it was a great time. Right as that was kind of happening, there was a and this was after, I mean, this is kind of the in between my other business and what I'm actually doing now. Actually I have another business and so a door was opened and during that time I started hearing more and I started finding out more and more about the sex trafficking problem that is in the world. I always knew there was one, but when were all kind of locked down is when I started really understanding what the issue. That was a really bad issue, but I felt very frustrated and limited because I didn't know how to how do you get involved? How do you help people?

17:21 Charline I'm just this girl from Texas over here with no resources to be able. It's a huge problem and it's a very dangerous problem. Through that, one of the idea that came to me, my sister, where we wanted to start, just start a business that would all the proceeds would actually go towards those organizations that were actually rescuing, and not just rescuing, but restoring sex trafficking victims and children in particular. A door was open where we could start working with some tribes, some women tribes in Colombia, South America, and they would make the purses and hats and things like that in a traditional manner, and we offer those. It's called Arupka, and it just means God's restoration. That's the name. It means God's restoration. The proceeds from what these women are making, we're now getting jewelry and things like that. This is our way of giving back.

18:22 Charline It's our way of not only helping these indigenous tribes and these women, but also helping sex trafficked victims all over the world, here in the US. As well as in all the other places that it's happening.

18:36 Melissa Well, that's awesome. I know that any time we can give back and put into some of these organizations, I think it's always awesome. Now, how do people get in touch with you? You talked about now two different businesses that you're currently in the financial piece, and then this. How can people get in touch with you if they're interested?

18:57 Charline Okay, yeah. Probably the easiest thing right now, because I'm still in the process of building websites and getting all that, but it would just be my email and you could just send it to Sharbuker Charbucher 33 That'd be the easiest way to get a hold of me. If you have questions about anything, Aruka is our website. We have some new things coming, but that's also a way you can kind of see what we're doing on the sex trafficking side of things.

19:41 Melissa Yeah, absolutely. Great. We'll definitely put those links for you in your bio. Anything else you want to share with our listeners?

19:50 Charline A couple of things I'll end with this is one, don't be afraid to fail. Failing is where you're going to learn. That's where you're going to actually move forward. A lot of people don't do anything because they're afraid to fail. I have failed a lot, and I will continue to. That's okay with me as long as you're learning. Right?

20:09 Melissa Right.

20:10 Charline The last thing I will share with you is you don't need permission. You do not need permission from anybody. A lot of times we get managers and leadership mixed up. Managers have titles. Leaders don't necessarily have a title. One of the things that held me back for a long time is I kept waiting for somebody to give me permission. Here's your permission, if you need it, to go out and be a leader and just do it. If you didn't have that role model, be one for somebody. Become that role model. Yeah, absolutely.

20:41 Melissa That's great. Thank you so much for being here today. I really appreciate your insights and sharing of your life with us and what you're doing and how you're helping other people.

20:51 Charline I appreciate it. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. Thank you.

20:56 Melissa Make sure to subscribe and like our podcast. If you'd like more information on today's topic or any other product or service featured on this, make sure to drop us a line and say hi or visit anytime. Melissa b