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S1 E6 Discover the Benefits of Remote Work and How Concierge Elite Can Help Your Business Succeed

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

S1 E6 Discover the Benefits of Remote Work and How Concierge Elite Can Help Your Business Succeed

Melissa discusses the benefits of remote work and how differs from other companies in this field. They mention that 70% of employees would like to work remotely and that remote work has grown in popularity by 91% over the last ten years. They also mention that Conciergeelite takes care of all HR-related tasks for businesses hiring remote workers, including payroll and insurance. Finally, they say that one of their favorite things about working at Conciergeelite is when clients reach out to them with great candidates.

Melissa discusses the trend of remote working, which has increased in recent years. Explaining that Concierge Elite differs from call centers because they aren't a call center; they specialize in finding a "perfect and right fit" for an office, whether full or part-time. Concierge Elite handles HR and training for remote employees. Finally, they give a shout-out to Lacey Horton, one of the Concierge Elite employees, and ask listeners questions about their experience with remote work. Concierge covers many costs of having a remote employee, such as training, recruitment, and HR.


00:08 Melissa Today's podcast is brought to you by Concierge Melissa B. Conciergeelite provides dedicated remote front desk staff and virtual assistants to your office. We specialize in finding your office the perfect and right fit for your office and your office only full or part time. Your remote team member is just that, yours. We do all the hiring, the recruiting and training. Yes, the training. It's one of the things that makes us unique as we train your dedicated remote team member in your systems and software.

00:37 Melissa Today I want to talk specifically about how Concierge Elite is different from the competition and what makes us unique. I have a few guests with me today. I have Alexis etrling. I have Alyssa Davis and Lacey Horton. Welcome, guys, to the podcast.

00:54 Lacey Hi, thank you for having us.

00:57 Alissa Hello and thank you.

00:59 Melissa Awesome. We're going to have of a roundtable discussion today. I brought these guys on because really, they are the experts, they are the leads at Concierge Elite and they make this thing work. Really, Concierge Elite has created a recruiting and training machine. Generally speaking, when we're talking about recruiting, if you don't know what you're looking for, you're not going to find it. That's what makes Concierge great, is that we know what we're looking for and we can find it. So this goes for all the employees. It goes for remote teams. The thing is that hiring isn't a one stop solution. There's a lot to consider before moving forward with remote teams or even just hiring in general nowadays. And it's a lengthy process. It requires a lot of time and dedication. Over the last couple of years, I've really perfected this process, made it easy for the user, and we can source the top 3% of talent in today's workforce.

01:59 Melissa That is difficult post COVID we've talked about that a lot. We have ten tips for recruiting within our recruiting guide. If you'd like to take advantage of that and get a copy of that, make sure that you like and share this podcast and go to and we will provide you that guide. I want to start the conversation with Lacey. Okay, lacey, you are in charge of all of our recruiting and that huge process there. I know it is a lengthy process. I want to ask you a couple of things to help our listeners out. What do you think the number one important thing is? If someone's going to attempt to recruit a remote employee on their own, what do they need to keep in mind?

02:41 Lacey The first thing that comes to mind is always the cost. It takes a lot of time and money to be mindful of the cost. The number of applicants that you'll get per dollar can significantly impact even the types of applicants you'll get, especially the job ad itself. Anybody and everybody will just apply to that, and you have to weed them out, which takes a lot of time. Payroll laws are also a big one to go into, to know all the different types of elements, especially if you're hiring remote teams, maybe different states or different countries, to know all of those laws is pretty important.

03:22 Melissa So, yeah, first, starting out with that job ad, and we talk about this a lot, about placing the right kind of job ad, making sure that you word it correctly and that you're getting the right kind of applicants. Otherwise you're inundated with tons of applications for people who aren't even qualified.

03:38 Lacey Right, right.

03:39 Melissa And a lot of times those costs.

03:43 Lacey Yeah, I get a lot of people who just don't have the background that we're looking for, even though it's clearly in the ad. I'd love for them all to be able to read that, too, before they apply. That's when it just takes time to go through and make sure that you've got everybody who have the background that you're looking for.

04:03 Melissa Yeah. A lot of times are people that we work with, our practice managers or owners, doctors, all of that, they don't have time. Right. Time is of the essence. They need somebody today. They need someone yesterday. And you mentioned that it costs money. Right. The ads cost is it daily, weekly.

04:21 Lacey Monthly to run an ad on. Indeed. Typically, it's a daily charge. Every applicant is a new charge, so anybody who applies it charges you for that individual as well.

04:36 Melissa Yeah. So again, that ad super important. Then you talked about payroll, of course. And that's huge. That is a lot to consider when you're looking at a remote employee. You mentioned that payroll can be different in each country and different in each state. Right, right.

04:53 Lacey Like, for instance, the United States. We have overtime laws where someone else in a different state, they can work 100 hours, and that not be an overtime charge. You have to know the different laws and how to pay people according to their geographic location.

05:18 Melissa Yeah, exactly. So that gets complicated. Doesn't Concierge take care of all that?

05:24 Lacey Absolutely. We cover the charge, the ad, the time, all of it. Yeah.

05:33 Melissa I think that's one of the big things that as we're talking about today, what makes Concierge unique is that we're going to handle that for you. There's a lot of companies out there who handle just the recruiting, but then after they've recruited, they kind of just set them in place and walk away. What we do is continue to handle that HR perspective, continue to handle all of that. Do we do more in the HR or just the payroll?

05:56 Lacey Yeah, no, we actually train them. We onboard them, we train them. We take care of everything from the beginning of their employment all the way to the end of their employment.

06:09 Melissa That's great. I love that about what we do. Really, what sets Concierge Elite apart from call centers in the way that you recruit team members?

06:21 Lacey We are not a call center. We really were looking for personability, somebody who has people skills, somebody who can talk to somebody without it being this super formal formatted. Let me put you on a brief hold. Let me get my supervisor for you. We're not at and T, so we make sure that they feel important that the patient or their animal or whoever we're taking the appointment for, that they feel important that they feel like they had some impact on the phone. Positively. Make sure that not only do they have the skills to schedule appointments, the skills to navigate software, but they have skills to talk to people. Right.

07:11 Melissa We're going to talk about training in just a minute, but you brought up a good point that I'd like toss over to Alyssa about Alyssa, you do the members, you're part of that client team, and you're part of the onboarding and our partnerships. You do a lot. You got a lot of hands and things. What I want to talk to you about is specifically about when we're picking these team members for our businesses. Can you talk about that and how you specifically ask them questions? If I'm a business coming in and saying, listen, I'm looking for this type of person, can you find that for me?

07:45 Alissa Absolutely. What we want to do is we want to customize it. We want to take all of the preconceived notions and we want to throw them out the window, and we want to know what you want and what you need as a clinic. We don't want to change anything. We want to integrate into it.

08:00 Melissa Right. And that means with the person, right. The style of the personality. I know that even you ask questions like, do you want a male or a female voice? Do you want Southern accent? Do you want bilingual? Right? You ask all those questions to get down and dirty. Yes.

08:16 Alissa Actually what I say and don't hate me for it, is I say leave all your politically correct terms at the door and tell me what you need. This is the nitty gritty. Do you want a male, female? Do you need them? What do you need? Because it's not about us. It's about what you and your clinic need.

08:33 Lacey Right? I mean, we talked about that.

08:34 Melissa I said that right in the beginning. That when we're recruiting, when we're training, if you don't know what you're looking for, then it's really going to be hard to find that person all the way from the job ad all the way down. It's important, and I'm glad that you do bring those things out, because maybe there are things that people didn't think of in general, but it does make a difference ultimately with clients, especially if you work or live in small communities, some of those things are super important where there might not be in bigger cities. I'm glad that you do ask that. Alexis, we're going to kind of go over to you and we're talking about that team member. We're talking about putting that perfect team member into a business. Before we get into the full integrations about software and things of that nature, I'd really like to ask you about training because that's a huge part of what Concierge does and really about that particular person.

09:27 Melissa So how do you train? What are the key skills that Concierge trains in?

09:31 Lacey Absolutely. The basics are definitely that front desk training, where they go to the specifics of talking to the client and how to make that conversation way more natural. You get that customer service and they go more into empathy, adaptability, how to use positive language such as that. Absolutely, I can do that for you. The clear communication skills that we have, those call taking skills, and how to take those call notes properly and how to properly take care of that call in a timely manner because we don't want it to last forever. We want to get it done as quickly as possible, as efficiently as possible for that type of request, such as that scheduling. If we have a client call in to schedule, we have that team member that specializes in that clinic software that they are answering the call for and they can schedule for that client easily.

10:24 Melissa You're saying that if a business comes in and they say, I use X software, your team is going to know that software? Absolutely.

10:32 Lacey We're going to be able to get in with that software, get familiar with that software, understand that software, and we even have a meeting with the clinic to discuss how they use that software and how they have it specifically set up to their standards. Getting familiar with that clinic and how they use it will get us familiar with how we should use it.

10:50 Melissa Wow. Again, would you say that's what makes Concierge unique?

10:56 Lacey Oh, yeah, absolutely. We're able to do anything you do in office right here from our homes.

11:01 Melissa Alyssa, go ahead and come back in and elaborate on that more.

11:07 Alissa Okay, so basically what happens is we find out what software you're on, and then we have a specialized app that you will download on your computer. Our agents are going to be able to get into your app and it's going to be completely secured to your clinic alone. Your password protect it. You're going to do all of that, and we're going to integrate into that. We partner with so many softwares that our agents already know the software they already have, learned it to some extent, and then we just customize it to what you're doing.

11:42 Melissa That's so cool. I mean, tell me a company out there that does this. I don't know that I can name one. And we're in the industry, right? I think there's so many aspects of things that are similar, but this is a huge one to know and to have the peace of mind that when me as a business owner comes in, I don't have to train somebody in my scheduling software. When you say that's a huge benefit, I mean, come on. Right?

12:12 Alissa Yeah. Because when you hire someone, I think Lacey can attest to this. It's like a full time job to train that person. You don't want to put that cost out there, so you don't have to. Honestly, I don't mean to brag about the company or anything, but if we don't know the software, we're going to take the initiative, we're going to learn it for you and integrate it into our system. It's not like you can throw something out of left fields, because we're going to reach out to that company, we're going to go through training, and then we're going to onboard. You already knowing your software.

12:44 Melissa What about phones? Because that's a big part, right? If I'm a business owner and I want to give you guys my phone calls, because that's the whole point, right? I need help. I need help at the front desk, right? So I'm a business owner. I need help at the front desk. I'm a small business, and I can't answer the phone anymore. I got to be working. I got to be on the job. I need your team to take the phone calls. You mentioned you're not a call center, so how are they going to take my calls? You mentioned that they're going to get into my software. Walk me through that first step there the phone calls. How do they get them?

13:20 Alissa Phones are tricky, but honestly, we've got this down to a science, so it's not too bad. What we're going to do is we're going to contact your phone company and we're going to find out exactly what they do. Are you analog system, a voice over IP system? We're going to find out what it is and then we're going to make it work. The goal is to never change your system. It's to always integrate into it. We're going to set up your phone forwarding. Typically that's at three rings. It'll ring three times in your clinic, then it comes to us and we're going to make it work. Every system is different, but we always make it work.

13:54 Melissa Yeah, well, I think that's great, but could you do it from one ring or could you do it automatically? Like if I don't have a staff that day or someone's headed out on sick leave and I just don't have help, can you guys take the calls from ring one?

14:09 Alissa Absolutely. We can customize it however you need it. Standard is three rings, but if you have someone else sick, someone on maternity leave, you need that extra help. We're going to give you that help. We're going to customize it to zero rings that come straight to us. We're going to create a backline. This is big for anybody who deals with urgent situations. We can personally transfer that call back to you, let you know what's going on, and then connect you with the client. We are going to customize it exactly how you need it.

14:44 Melissa This sounds like it takes a lot of time. If I got it right, I want to just recap for our listeners melissa B. Conciergeelite integrates with your phone system so you're not having to worry about that. Concierge Elite integrates fully with your software. Okay. So far you're not changing anything. You're just keeping what you got going. Concierge Elite does all the recruiting, all the overhead handles, all the HR, and then all the training. How are you going to know and I'll ask Lacey this, how are you going to know what I do in my business or in my medical practice or my veterinary practice? How are you going to know how we handle things?

15:24 Alissa Lacey and I are going to host.

15:28 Melissa Go ahead.

15:30 Alissa Okay, so Lacey and I are going to host the software walk through, and I'll let her get into the nitty gritty of that. Basically she has a series of questions and training that she's going to ask and we're going to learn exactly about your clinic. Now, we have basic standard protocols set up, which we'll go over through your onboarding process as a clinic. We're going to really spend 1 hour diving into how your clinic and how you as a doctor or you as a practice manager, how you operate and what works best for you. Do you want to elaborate on that, Lacey?

16:08 Melissa Yes.

16:09 Lacey As soon as we get all that information, then you don't have to worry about the training. I would then take all that information, build a document so that the representative can take those calls flawlessly. They're trained in it 100% before they even take their very first phone call.

16:30 Melissa That's great. This sounds like it takes a lot of time. On the behalf of if I'm thinking about this and I'm hearing this for the first time, I'm thinking, oh my gosh, so you guys do all that. That sounds like it's going to take me as a business owner a ton of time. What's concierge promise?

16:50 Alissa 1 hour.

16:54 Melissa Okay, well, you each answered your own very perfectly. Yes. It's a total of 2 hours of your time as a business owner, for sure. Again, we talked about how we've perfected this process, how we have perfected the recruiting and the training aspects and the integration, and it's 2 hours of your time. After the practice, manager, the owner, the doctor has taken that time, provided you guys information. We're back kind of to that training. Alexis, what are some specific challenges that Concierge specializes in when hiring remote teams?

17:31 Lacey A couple of those top challenges that we come by the most is definitely going to be the first one is the absence of those effective skill set evaluation methods for those remote applicants. Making sure that these potential candidates are fully up to the ability and we can see what they can do, we are able to test every aspect of what they know because with them not being in office, we're unable to see them in person, so unable to see what they can actively do in that moment. We overcome this by planning for these evaluations as the skill sets we need to see all of the potential of these possible employees. One of the best things that is about remote is that we're able to pick from this global talent pool. We have so much more opportunity in talent now that we have gone global and international with it, instead of staying just here in your local state or in the United States.

18:34 Lacey We're able to pick a whole lot more and being able to test those skills. As everybody has said here, we've got it down, we know exactly what we need to look for now we've done our trial and error and we're able to pick it out. The other difficulty that we run into is that onboarding is difficulty in those introductory phases with the time zone differences hampering of the communication and productivity of this potential employee. This is something that we've had to overcome as well. For this, we have introductory trainings and tackling those onboarding difficulties of that remote employee and remaining handson with that employee of the entirety of that onboarding process and able to start them from start and all the way down to the end, to being able to understand what their type of learning is. Are they hands on, are they visual? Being able to understand them a bit more is definitely helpful for that.

19:36 Melissa Absolutely. You mentioned something about really when you stop being geographically dependent, it means that your well qualified candidates are closer to you than you think. When you decide that you can only hire in a certain location, you pass people up purely because of where they live. I know that some companies out there think that they need people to work in specific places or specific time zones. While this is true, the flexibility of remote workers are way more than what you can hire close or in house. What you have to think about is that remote workers are used to not working within their own time zones and within their own specific parameters. Most of them are used to doing what you need done. Companies really can benefit from that borderless remote working. They can improve their talent pool. They can boost diversity. That's a big one.

20:28 Melissa Diversity, equality, inclusion. If you're looking to really boost that in your company, we can do that because borderless remote work can really create a truly diverse and global workforce. You touched on that in a recent survey of 500 organizations and 5000 employees worldwide. Studies showed that remote working is definitely the new normal. 75% of organizations expect that at least 30% of their employees want to work remotely or they're expecting it to. So you've got a head start here. If you would like to go remote, know that people are already wanting to do that. If you're thinking about doing that or hiring someone on, then 70% of your workforce wants to do that and can become remote in most aspects. That really means that organizations are finding that remote work can do a few things. I want to talk about these things since Alexis brought it up, but boost productivity.

21:23 Melissa There is a huge productivity boost when hiring a remote employee. It could be up to 24%, 25% even, I've seen some studies say. What it also does is reduce your cost. We talked about we're covering those overheads, we're taking care of all that on the HR perspective. If you want to see some reduction in costs, if you need something to happen right away, you can do that by hiring a remote employee. You're going to find that in the reduction of real estate, facilities, maintenance, business travel, all of that thing, and even in the cost of hiring that employee, specifically in their wage. You know that remote work has grown by popularity by 91% over the last ten years. This is not just a COVID thing, folks. This has definitely spiked since COVID but it happened way prior to that. So, listen, remote work is definitely the new normal.

22:19 Melissa Melissa B. Conciergeelite has definitely got this down to a science. What makes Concierge unique are the things that we talked about today, specifically in the aspect of hiring, how they recruit, how they train, and how they integrate. Thank you guys so much for being on the podcast of Understaff today. Alexis, Alyssa, and Lacey, thanks for your insights. I am sure that our audience is going to take some great stuff away from it today. Just before we leave, I know that Lacey, you have a shout out for one of the Concierge employees that work for us. I know you want to say thank you to somebody for all their dedication and hard work. Who do you got for me?

23:00 Lacey Oh, yeah. I really want to thank Lindsay. She's been doing an amazing job lately. They even switched software lately, and she was able to nail that within a week. So. Thank you, Lindsay.

23:14 Melissa Excellent. Alexis, I heard you have a shout out as well.

23:19 Lacey Absolutely. I've definitely been looking at PF. She has been from just agent to being team lead, to being so active and involved in our group here and being able to integrate us more into a family just by being herself.

23:35 Melissa Excellent. Alyssa, over to you. One last shout out to one of our team members who work part of our team here at Concierge Elite. Who you got for?

23:43 Alissa Absolutely. One of my favorite things is having a clinic reach out and saying, oh, my gosh, I love this person. No joke, Lewis has had that happen twice this month where his clinic has just said, I need you to duplicate that. I need another Lewis. He's been amazing, and honestly, it's people like him that make Concierge work.

24:06 Lacey Without them, we couldn't do it.

24:07 Melissa Absolutely. Without you guys, I couldn't do it either. Thanks so much, and thanks for joining us on Understaffed.

24:15 Alissa Thank you.

24:16 Lacey Thank you.

24:18 Melissa Thank you.

24:19 Melissa Make sure to subscribe and like our podcast. If you'd like more information on today's topic or any other product or service featured on this, make sure to drop us a line and say hi or visit anytime. Melissa b