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S1 E3 The two employees you didn't know you needed

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

S1 E3 The two employees you didn't know you needed

On the show, Alissa Davis, Melissa Brown, and Cassandra Parsons discuss Vizisites, their experience working with the company, and Cassandra's expertise in marketing. Cassandra is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the field, and has a track record of delivering beautiful results for her clients. She is passionate about food and wine, and is excited to share her knowledge and insights with the audience on the show.

Melissa is thrilled to have Cassandra as a guest speaker on the show, as she believes that Cassandra has valuable information to share with the audience when it comes to working in digital marketing, small business marketing, and branding. Cassandra is well-respected in the industry and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that Melissa is confident will be of great benefit to the listeners of the show.

During the show, the trio will delve into the topic of Vizisites, discussing their experience working with the company and the various ways in which they have been able to help businesses succeed through the use of innovative marketing strategies. They will also talk about Cassandra's background in marketing and the valuable insights she brings to the table, as well as the many different aspects of marketing that she is skilled in. Overall, the show promises to be a valuable and informative experience for anyone interested in marketing, branding, and small business success.


00:00 Melissa Welcome to understaffed. I'm Melissa Brown, your host. Today's podcast is brought to you by Concierge Elite. Well, welcome everybody today and we are so excited that you are here with us. My name is Melissa Brown, and I am the Chief of staff at Concierge Elite. Today I have with me my partner in crime, cohost Alyssa Davis, and she is our sales and partnership manager. We have a very special guest speaker today. We have Cassandra Parsons, the VP of Operations at Vizzy sites. Thanks so much for coming. We appreciate you being here.

00:32 Cassandra Thank you for having me. I'm very excited to be here as well.

00:36 Melissa Great. I'll tell you just about Cassandra and Vizzy Sites and then we'll go ahead and jump in today because she's got some really valuable information that she's going to share with you guys. Vizzy Sites is a digital marketing agency and they're really focused on providing unique small business marketing and branding, and that's what we love about them. We have asked them to do our sites and so we're really excited and it's been wonderful working with them. Bar none, this has been the best experience with a partner that we've had in this arena. So we love you guys for sure. You're passionate about business and marketing, which is excellent, educating on the health field and the industry, really how to harness the power of modern technology and use that in your business, which I think is excellent, really a stress free way. You've made it stress free for us, so we're excited about that.

01:32 Melissa And you're going to share that. You have over a decade of experience. You're not old enough for that, but decade of experience in marketing, which is excellent. In your outside time, this is what I love. Of course, you spend most of your time on your homestead, so that's exciting. You have three dogs, you love to cook and you're a foodie, which I am totally a foodie, so I can relate with that. Your love of wine, so those are excellent. Tell us about your homestead.

02:04 Cassandra Oh, gosh, it's a work in progress. I'm learning a lot every day. We have, like you said, three dogs. If we have any pet lovers out there, any vest or anything. We have two Great Pyrenees Anatolian shepherd mixes and an English setter. A bunch of goats, some rabbits, some plans for a chicken coop if my husband ever builds it, but learning lots. I always tell our clients, our partners, everything. I will be equally as excited if you reach out to talk to me about food, wine or homesteading as if you reach out to talk to me about marketing is good.

02:47 Melissa Yeah, my type of girl right here because I have two great parents as well. And so I love that. We're super excited about we just added a new one. She's just a little thing right now, except the big one. Two females and I'm in the same boat. I'm waiting for my husband to build my chicken coop.

03:08 Cassandra What is it with that? I keep threatening to just buy chickens so then he has no choice but to build the coop.

03:15 Melissa Yeah. I know we've got tons of animal lovers out there. That's excellent. Tell us more about how you started with Vizy sites and what most excites you about this company.

03:27 Cassandra Oh, goodness. I've been with Vizzy sites, I can't believe I'm going to say this, but eight years now and have been helping them since were a very small company with about, I think around 30 clients. Now eight years later, where we have clients nationwide, us. Canada, tons of practices both in animal health and human health care. I love marketing in general, but the thing that I have found in recent years that really kind of makes me tick and gets me really excited to help practices is showing them unique ways to use their website that places don't think about. I'll actually talk about that today. It's really fun when you see the people who are kind of in that mindset of the website is a business card in the sky, and you show them all the ways that the website can actually make a huge impact on their business.

04:25 Cassandra Whether it's bringing in new business or helping with your existing process and seeing really how much that makes a difference in their daily life is the most exciting thing to me because there's nothing I'm sure as well. It's so rewarding when you pass knowledge that you've learned on to somebody else and you see it really truly impact their life in a way that reduces stress first and foremost is so cool. It's definitely become my favorite thing about this.

04:55 Melissa I think so. Elizabeth, wouldn't you say that's the most rewarding thing about what we do is when we finally get to take something off someone's plate and they're like, oh, my gosh, I didn't know you could save me this much time or that you could make my life this much easier. That's really what we're all about and that's why we are so excited about the partnership with you guys because you really share that vision with us. That something that you didn't think that could really save you time, save you stress? Really which leads into our topic, which is the two employees you didn't know you needed. That's really what we're going to talk about today, which is just a perfect way to explain it. Cassandra will go ahead and let you kind of take it away and share with our listeners really what you do and what you're passionate about.

05:41 Cassandra Yeah, absolutely. I'd love to, while I'm talking here, get my screen shared for you exactly to your point? What you're saying, hopefully, I'll concede my slide is really these two team members that you didn't know you needed. Actually, I would bet for most of you here, you have one of them. They are just vastly underperforming, and that's your website. I'm sure you spend a lot of time probably doing things to really optimize your human team and make it work well for yourself. You have performance reviews. You do all these things right. You're not actually thinking about how doing the same thing with your website, making sure it's working for you, so really similar to how you do that kind of identification of skills for your team members and then putting them into action. We want to do the same thing with the website. There's three things, really, that the website can do for you right off the bat, that I want to COVID today.

06:39 Cassandra One is eliminating redundancy. Two is increasing your accuracy with work. Three, most importantly, like what were talking about, taking other things off your plate so you can spend more time doing what you actually want to do, which is seeing your patience. Right? The first tool that I wanted to COVID today was FAQs. This is something that Melissa and Alyssa and I have talked a lot about. I know they were excited at the concept of it. I think we're planning on putting them on your website as well.

07:08 Alissa We're excited too.

07:10 Cassandra Awesome. I love it. Well, hopefully we'll get some ideas for your website in this process too. The question that I always ask people to show the importance of FAQs is, really, how many times a day do you think someone on your team is answering questions like, do you accept insurance? Do you accept care, credit? Are you accepting new patients? I'm having an emergency, but I've never been there before. Can I come in today? All those things, right? This is where those FAQs come in, because those carefully selected FAQs are really going to save time for your clients, save time for your team, allow them to get those questions answered right away. Right off the bat, we're reducing wasted time. We're reducing the 50 times a day saying the same thing, which they don't like doing and is a waste of time. Right. We're also creating a positive user experience for your shoppers who really don't want to pick up the phone if they can avoid it.

08:06 Cassandra People don't really like making phone calls anymore. We'll talk more about that later, too, I'm sure, with what Melissa has to offer today. How do you want to do this? You want to create concise, straightforward questions, most importantly, that can be answered in one to three sentences. I don't want you writing novels. The whole point is this is for it to be quick, right? To determine the questions that you want asked. You want to go to the source. I want you to go to that front desk team and say, what are the questions that you're asking every day? Or give them a week or two to say, okay, I want you really, in the next couple of weeks to think about and write down what are the questions that your team is answering all the time. Use that feedback to create your list of questions.

08:53 Cassandra Anyone can give you suggestions, but really the people that are tired of saying the same thing 50 times a day are the ones that are going to give you the best list to go off of, and then you want to make the list super easy to find. This is a pointless tool to have if it's buried somewhere on the website in the menu. It's really great if it's a section right on the homepage or something. They can click to right from the top that they see right away when they hit your website, because users are already trained to go to an FAQ section to find what they're looking for quickly. I want to show my favorite example, which I think is what originally is how we started talking about this, the FAQs tool with Alyssa, which is how much time this can actually save. We have a tool that we use for all of our clients.

09:43 Cassandra So visual analytics tool. Some of you might be familiar with heat mapping. Essentially what this shows us is how users are actually interacting with the website. So this is a screenshot. One of our clients who has just five quick FAQs right on the home page of their website. In a three month period, the FAQs had 879 clicks on questions. Right? It's crazy. So here's what's the really cool part. I could leave it there and it's like, wow, yeah, that's a lot of clicks. Right. If you think of each click as a phone call that would have been had otherwise, and let's say we'll be conservative. We'll say a phone call for someone who may or may not book is three minutes. It's going to be longer, probably if you're booking an appointment. Right. We'll go with three minutes to be conservative. That works out to be 44 hours in three months that you've saved.

10:35 Cassandra That is more for most people than a full time work week.

10:40 Melissa Absolutely is. I mean, and you're right, that is conservative. The three minute call is our lower end calls that we've experienced. A new client can be upwards of five to seven minutes. If it's a new client asking new questions. It's incredible.

10:53 Cassandra Yeah, it's crazy. I know. I should do the math, really, at some point for what it would be more for like a five or seven minute call, because it also changes between industries. Some industries, that initial call is going to be shorter, some it's longer. But, yeah, you're looking at minimum, we'll stay here of a week of time saved. It is crazy. It's my favorite thing because it's such a sleeper tool. I say FAQs, and people are like, okay, yeah, okay, whatever. I'll put FAQs on my site. Fine. It's easy. I'm like, no, you don't understand how much time it's actually going to save. So that's our FAQs. I have two other quick tools I was going to share, but I wanted to see if you guys have any questions or anything else that you wanted to add before I cover the next two.

11:39 Melissa I think this is incredible. I think this is one of the reasons why we really kind of honed in. When Alyssa brought this to me, I was like, FAQ? Come on. I did the same thing. I did the same exact thing. I was like, no, it's not. I thought it was another page on the site that really got a lot of traffic. I put out my two cent on that, and she's saying, no, wait, just watch. She explained to me just how you did it so well. I think it's so important for something as little as this that's the employee you didn't know that's the 44 hours. That's the 40 hours a week, 44.

12:17 Alissa Hours, that an employee. Your front desk staff, your remote staff, they're helping your clients. They're not on the phone answering questions that this that you already have, could have done.

12:32 Cassandra Yeah. They're happier because of it too, I'm sure. I don't know. I don't have to answer.

12:39 Melissa It the mundane tasks, right? We talk about this a lot with our doctors and practice managers and stuff. It's the mundane tasks. What can we take off your plate? Like this very thing that really just drags the whole process down? Excellent.

12:57 Cassandra Yeah, go ahead.

12:58 Melissa Give us a trip.

12:59 Cassandra Cool. So two more quick ones. Number two is online forms. This is basically it's what it sounds like. You're allowing your clients to provide information through the website. This is another one that doesn't necessarily seem like a time saver at first, but when you think about it take a second to think about how much time is spent, on average, in that initial appointment with a client, filling out paperwork, right, that they're sitting in your waiting room writing everything down. Or maybe you're more high tech. You hand them an iPad, and still they're sitting there writing everything down. If you're talking about maybe 15 minutes, sometimes even at those first appointments, sometimes longer for some practices I've been to. So this is right off the bat. You're saving a lot of time at check in, potentially a few hours a day that you're opening up to see more patients for your team, your front desk team, to do other things, take care of, fulfilling other tasks or things that need to be taken care of.

13:58 Cassandra Some of the other less obvious benefits of this, you can catch issues prior to the appointment. Maybe something shows up in the health history that you didn't know about ahead of time, and now you've got it. Maybe a few days before the appointment, you can plan for that because now in the exam, you might need to recommend something else or recommend some other diagnostic test, right? You get information entered into the system faster. So I've seen some scary handwriting. I don't want to guess what it says, right? We don't want to be making guesses with our patient information either. So how do you do this? This is, again, one of those. It's going to depend on what industry you're in, your website provider. Most website providers can build them for you. If not, you can build them yourself. There's really great free tools like Jotforms and Google Forms if you need HIPAA compliant forms, which I'm sure a lot of our listeners today do.

14:51 Cassandra Platforms like JotForm offer upgraded plans where their forms are HIPAA compliant for you or your providers of other technology services, your EHR, things like that. They might also offer a patient forms option. If they do and you're not taking advantage of it, please start taking advantage of it now because this is something that you'll be shocked how much time you're going to save with people just sitting in the waiting room of your practice before an appointment. Number three, I'm going to tie these two together and show you kind of how they both benefit at the end. The third one is online bill Pay. This is the one I always get the most pushback on that people are like, no, that's terrifying. It sounds like too much work. I don't want to deal with that. Right? Allowing people to pay online. So why does it help?

15:38 Cassandra Why is it important? First of all, this is going to allow for an easier collection. If you're doing anything that requires deposits, if you're offering payment plans, anything like that, this is going to be way easier, way faster for your team. It's really great if you're doing any kind of curbside service, curbside pickup, prescription, pick up, things like that, where people are kind of in and out really quick, you can make that in and out even faster by having them pay ahead of time. Most importantly, people are used to it. Think about how many other industries you interact with that you're paying online, right? Most of us have Apple Pay, Google Pay, whatever else. Right here. I get frustrated if I'm on a website now where I even have to enter my details anymore because I'm so used to being able to just look at my screen and make my payment.

16:27 Cassandra Right. People are so used to this very seamless payment transaction that it actually, in a lot of studies has shown to lead to higher customer satisfaction when you give them this option. Really your payment processing provider probably already offers an option for this, whether it's integrated with your website or it's on a posted payment page. The thing I always recommend, because it is intimidating and like I said, it gets pushed back, is just introduce your website provider to your payment processor and let them figure out the rest. Because we speak the same language. I've had lots of the go between where the poor client is trying to be the messenger and then eventually we're just like, can you just give us a phone number? Because we know what we need, they know what they need us to do as far as website security and we can just get it taken care of so fast and easy for you.

17:16 Cassandra All you have to worry about is training your team and rolling it out to your clients comes a lot easier. So bring it all together really quick. This is also going to give you a little sneak peek for what Melissa is going to talk about. I want to show you guys what your client path can look like if you're using these three tools in place. We're going to start with our FAQs user visits, your website. Their basic questions are answered with the FAQs, right? Maybe they have a couple of other questions. They want to know something specific about their insurance plan. Right? They might use the live chat that's on your website, which I didn't talk about, but we're going to get there. They book their appointment either with your online booking software, they book it through the live chat. However, your preferred form of booking is they get a confirmation email or confirmation text message to their form.

18:07 Cassandra Maybe you send it out three days before the appointment. Everyone varies with when they send it out, right? In that confirmation message, I want you to include a link to your online forms so it might sound something like, hey, Cassandra, we're so excited to see you for your appointment on Thursday at 10:00 a.m. Before hand, please fill out this form here link. Right? I click and fill it out, get all the information to your team copies and pastes it into the client file. Check in time is basically gone, right? We've gotten me all the way in your doors into a room without anyone on your team actually having to take time other than copy pasting my information into the system. Right now, the appointment is done and maybe I have a prescription I need to come back and pick up in a few days. We'll say I'm picking up my new glasses or something, right?

19:00 Cassandra I can pay online ahead of time, get that taken care of. I just run in, grab them really quick and take off. I'm not taking up space in your room. I'm not taking up time for someone on your team. It's all taken care of. I'm happy because I had a super easy seamless experience I didn't have to talk. Sorry. I'm going to show my millennial here. I didn't have to actually talk to humans too much on the phone, right? You've got this great client experience, and you've saved so much time for your team. This is what I love about this so much. Like I said, I mentioned a little sneak peek. I think it's a good time probably to turn it over to you, Melissa, and show them where those other pieces come in.

19:42 Melissa Cassandra this is great. Guys, now you can see why we love them, right? We love the sites. I mean, come on. How easy can you make it? Very easy. We just showed you. You just showed us exactly in the listeners. Exactly. For those who are listening on the podcast, I know you can't see the visual. We want you to see the visual. We're going to put it in the link below so that you could get a glimpse of this, the tools, because she did show a wonderful path, and it's a great visual. I mean, have Alyssa share about the chat box, really. Everything that you just talks about, what is great about it is it's virtual. It's done online. That's really where it ties into us, is that we're virtual as well. We can provide that additional virtual help. You said you chat with somebody online.

20:36 Melissa Guess what can be done virtually. You submit that form, and the form needs to go to the patient file virtually. We can do that virtually with our virtual front desk agent or a virtual assistant, whatever it might look like. It all can be done without the hands on of the in house team. I'm going to turn it over to Alyssa. She's going to talk about the chat box and how that works seamlessly with you guys.

21:04 Alissa All right, well, hi, guys. It's really great to see all of you. For those listening, we're glad you're here. Chat box forms, all of these things that busy sites are doing, they're all virtual. What they're doing is they're freeing up the time for those people in house, all of your in house agents, to really make that personal connection with your clients so your employees have that personal connection. We want to kind of extend that with the chat box when they come to your website and they want to book an appointment. That's what our goal is, to have a live person there, part of your team. Our goal isn't to have someone over here in Mallaland who they don't know. It's one person dedicated to you that you guys get to know your clients, get to know your employees. Everyone gets to know each other. That's the goal of this, right?

21:52 Alissa To integrate it. That way they don't have to sit on the phone all day because we know not everybody wants to talk on the phone. The goal is to have that chat box up there integrated with your busy site, and your clients can say, hey, I need an appointment. Or maybe their dog, they just have a quick question for the doctor and they want to type it out in that chat box. Your agent is able to go and say, hey, Doctor Parsons, we need your help. Should they book this as an urgent appointment? How are you feeling about this? These things are all great. Again, they're all virtual and they free up your time in the clinic to really make that personal connection with your clients.

22:37 Cassandra Those are totally the kinds of questions, too, I always think, in processes, like I was saying at the beginning, but you can create decision trees around those things and make it so easy for someone to get it off of your team's plate. If client has this issue, do this. If they say this, do this.

22:56 Alissa We have all of those in place. We call them protocol sheets. That's part of your set up with the concierge employees. We set those up one one as your clinic, and we don't change anything. That's the best part, is it's all integrated. The goal isn't to change, it's to make your life easier. Take those small tasks, take those online questions off of your plate and your staff plate, and just give you that support team that you need. It goes to the next form, the forms, those are another big one. That busy sites. We really promote, we use JotForm every day in our jobs because they're hip client, they're so easy. Again, those Jotforms are coming through to email. Emails are stacking up in the clinic. Your virtual receptionist, your assistant, they can go in there, take those, fully integrate them, copy paste them into your client profile.

23:45 Alissa We fully integrate and partner with so many amazing softwares out there, from Veterinary, all the Way, Dental, Chiropractic, all kinds of different softwares that were fully integrated with and they can take those tasks off your plate. Your client comes in for an appointment, you're not looking through the email for their intake forms, you're not unorganized it's already. You just type in the name, date of birth, it pulls up the file and it's all right there in front of you. Your virtual assistant took care of that for you. That's the best part about this entire five step process. Starting with your Frequently Asked questions through the chat box, you got your appointment all scheduled online and all the way through to forms, and then they're in your office and you guys get to make that personal connection. That's our goal over here.

24:35 Melissa Yeah, that's the conversion, that's the ROI, that's where the money hits the road here, is that we're really taking those Frequently Asked Questions and starting there, and hopefully with that chat box, converting those new clients who have questions and getting them into the office as quickly as possible. Our chat box is not artificial intelligence. It's a real person who sits on the other end and waits for those chats to come in and answers them personally on behalf of the clinic because they work as a part of the extension of the team. So they are your particular practices. Dedicated team member who works remotely so you don't have to have that space in the office and have that extra overhead. So, again, we're talking about with the conjunction of the Zythen us. It's the two employees you didn't know you needed but now you have to have.

25:27 Melissa Because, honestly, if you hear all this and you don't realize, I have to have both of those to save me money, increase my ROI, reduce my overhead, then to me, it's a no brainer. We've been talking about it for a while. Anything else you would like to add, guys? Thanks.

25:47 Cassandra So, I mean, reach out if you have questions. I know some of this stuff can sound scary, but it's really not. You're talking to three people who do it all the time.

25:56 Melissa Yeah, leave it to us. I know. Cassandra, again, you guys make it super simple on that side, very easy to get started and to have it just working behind the scenes. We know it's being taken care of. A list. On the sales side, 2 hours is all it takes to get virtual assistant in place and working for you. So you can't do that anywhere else. You can't hire an employee in that amount of time, and you can't hire the employee for what we can hire the employee for. I think that we bring a great package here. I'm really excited to have our listeners reach out, ask them questions. So, I got one last question for you, Cassandra. It's a little more on the employee side, but I always like to ask when we talk about employees, the two employees you didn't know you needed or employees that we actually have in the office, can you think of the time that you hired the perfect employee?

26:48 Melissa If you think of like, man, I hired oh, man, I am. I hired that person. You see that person? I hired them. What are some attributes that really made that perfect employee?

27:01 Cassandra Oh, my gosh. I love that you're asking this question because just yesterday, we're really big on core values and EQ here at busy sites with our team. I think most business professionals would say we spend too much time on EQ training. We feel like it's really important. Just yesterday, I was sending a kind of core values recap email and was thinking through that. Who on our team really reflects these things? I think the biggest thing in what we do, which really probably applies to any business, is having a student mindset. The employees who are coming in every. Day, trying to do their best, bringing their best to the table, but can do that while still keeping that humility and recognizing that I'm doing my best, but I'm not perfect. I'm willing to learn from someone else on the team, and that someone else doesn't have to be my manager.

27:54 Cassandra It can be my peer. It can be the person who just started last month, even though I've been here for years. Right. That they might point something out. I didn't think of that as a manager. That gives me so much peace of mind that a team member is. Even if there's something that they struggle with, they're going to get to a point where they are the star employee because they're just always coming in, ready to do their best, but still learn. They're not coming in saying, well, I'm doing my best and having an ego along with it. They're really willing to learn alongside that's probably my number one. There's a lot, but that's my number one.

28:30 Melissa I love that. It's that growth mindset that I don't know, I'm going to learn it.