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S1 E2 Concierge Elite Introducing Concierge Elite's dedicated program Q&A

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

S1 E2 Concierge Elite Introducing Concierge Elite's dedicated program Q&A

Concierge Elite is a company that offers a staffing service to businesses that are looking to maintain their frontline staff while reducing expenses. This service allows businesses to keep their current staff in place, rather than having to let them go and hire new employees, which can be costly and time-consuming.

The company is known for its ability to seamlessly integrate new team members into the workplace. They make sure that these employees feel like they are part of the team and are able to be productive from the very start. This is achieved through a thorough onboarding process and ongoing support and training.

In order to ensure that all of their remote employees have a strong foundation in their new roles, Concierge Elite provides a training period for all new hires. This training helps employees learn all of the tasks and procedures required in their new positions, and builds confidence in their abilities. By investing in the training and development of their employees, Concierge Elite is able to ensure that their team members are well-equipped to succeed in their roles and contribute to the overall success of the company.


00:00 Melissa Today's podcast is brought to you by Concierge Elite. Welcome to Understaffed, a podcast dedicated to providing you practical tools for pivoting your people and your business in today's world. With me, my cohost, Alyssa Davis, who's our sales lead and client specialist here at Concierge Elite. Hi, Alyssa. Welcome on the podcast today.

00:20 Alissa Thanks for having me.

00:21 Melissa Yes, no problem. Today we're going to have a great conversation about out Concierge Elite and really how it fits into today's business. We're going to be able to have some real, honest conversation about what we can provide and tools that we have. I'm really excited to have you here today.

00:37 Alissa Thank you so much, Melissa. I'm excited to be here. I'm excited to join you on this journey of the podcast and really to share with the listeners about these very things. We talk to hundreds of people every day doctors, practice managers, front desk, staff members. This is a hot topic right now. People and businesses are so scared after our world changed, after COVID doctors and PMS are nervous, I think we all are, that we're fighting all these increasing costs. Our overhead is getting higher, and we have to grow our business, and then we have to increase our patience, and our customer service demands are just as high as ever.

01:14 Melissa I absolutely agree. Our natural instinct as business owners when things like costs increase and the demands start to come down on us and we have to realize where we are going to cut costs. Well, our natural instinct is to cut our frontline costs so that's typically the employees this is that knee jerk reaction to the stress of those increased costs and overhead. I totally get it with employees who demand higher wages. We've got the taxes, we got workman's comp. Oh, my gosh. All of that comes with having an employee, the instability of the workforce, whether someone's going to show up for work, whether they're not, whether they're going to be there. It seems like the best option. I really want our viewers to really think about this for a minute is I want you to think about, instead of who can you live without? I want you to start thinking about what can you live without?

02:09 Melissa We want to keep the who's. We want to keep the people. The people are so vital to our business. If you don't have the people, if you don't have those front line staff, you really kind of cut off the business right there in the very beginning. Stop thinking about the who and start thinking about the what and what costs can you cut instead of that knee jerk reaction.

02:33 Alissa Absolutely. And Concierge has done just that. Concierge, we are giving you the who with no cost. It's a zero cost staffing service, and I'm telling you, it is half the price of what your bottom line is right now. We're going to save you half that cost.

02:52 Melissa That's crazy. I know Alyssa, a lot of people hear that and go, no cost? What does that mean?

02:59 Alissa No cost is there's no hiring fee. You're just going to pay the salary, nothing else. A low cost employee, you're going to get that employee in 2 hours because our team members work remotely. However, we fully are going to integrate them into your practice. We're not going to change your software. We're not going to change how you do things. They're going to learn to do them just how you do them in your clinic. They're going to learn exactly what you like. What's so unique is that we handle everything. That's where that no cost comes in for you. We handle all of the overhead. We handle all the human resources, all the payroll. We do the training. All of that in your time, your training, that's money and that's money that we handle. All that is zero cost to you.

03:46 Melissa I think that's what makes concierge different. Right. I think that what makes this unique is that we do handle all of that for our clients. We take the stress out of hiring now remote. Now, I know that's one of our biggest things. When people hear remote, they're like, no, I don't think I want a remote. No, I need that person here. Is that the reality?

04:13 Alissa No, absolutely not. We understand all of their concerns and they're all valid. I believe, and we see it work time and time again in all of our clinics that it's part of the way you have to rethink the business structure. Many people work from home now, and our businesses are still running. In the end, you get a super productive employee who's not calling out randomly, and you're reducing your cost. It's kind of a no brainer.

04:45 Melissa Yeah, sounds like for sure you're talking.

04:50 Alissa Your employee, statistically is 60% more efficient than the ones you have in house, and your turnover rate is less than 8%. I mean, we have people quitting in house after 24 hours. Sorry, I can't get to work today. It doesn't happen with your remote employee because they get the best of both worlds. They get a paycheck and they get it from home.

05:10 Melissa Yeah, it's incredible, really, the statistics on that and looking at that and the more we research it, the more we look at those statistics of a remote employee, the more, like you said, it's a no brainer. I mean, how can you not provide the best of both worlds? Really, looking at what remote employees do in your business, it really can take a lot of stress off the front desk. It take a note of stress off the text and things of that nature because the agents are so versatile in what they can do. Of course, they're not checking the patient in. Right. They're not face to face. What are some of the things that really that the remote agent could do.

05:54 Alissa So basically we're going to integrate them. When we say we're integrating your team member, it means that they're going to be working in your software, they're going to be chatting with you and your front desk agent. The goal is that this is a seamless process. Your remote agent is going to feel like any other agent. You're going to have that confidence to send them a text message to call them and say, hey, can you reschedule these appointments? Or hey, can you go do this check in, can you check and make sure our patients are doing well today? They're going to be doing that and you're going to feel confident in that employee even though they're remotely to hand them those important tasks and to trust them with your clients because they're fully integrated into your system.

06:41 Melissa Yeah. And I love that. We train them in the software. We train them in whatever platforms that the practice has in and that's really the kind of the customization of it as well. That employee comes in, they're trained for that specific practice, right, because we're using who ever it is, we're using their software, their texting platform, their protocols, all of those things are specific to them. So they're being trained specifically for them. It's not a call center, it's not a one in a million. You get a new team member, you get a remote team member that we handle for you. Is there some hiccups in this? I mean, kind of what to expect when say I go ahead and I'm like, yes, I want this, go ahead and get me a new team member. We've done the onboarding, it's the 2 hours, which is great, right?

07:35 Melissa It's only going to take 2 hours of my time. Once that employee starts, what are some of the things that I can kind of expect?

07:43 Alissa Well, that's a great question because like hiring any employee, there's a learning process. Even though we have amazing training staff, our ladies are integrated in so many softwares, but there's still a learning curve anytime you integrate someone new but we have an open line of communication, you will get an open booking link to book anytime you need with myself and your agent. That way we can go over those little things. I'm very big on teaching in the moment. If you find something and you're like, oh, this wasn't done exactly how we do it here in the clinic, we're going to go over exactly how to do it with your agent, we're going to discuss it, we're going to have an open line of communication and that really helps solidify that relationship and that employee.

08:37 Melissa Yeah, I've been in training and development for over 20 years now. One of the things is that when you have an in house employee and you're sitting there, you don't realize how much training you're actually doing throughout the day, right. You listen to that phone call, hey, make sure to do this, or you're watching them do the software, hey, make sure it's all those little things, right? You have a remote employee, it kind of changes that dynamic of the training. You kind of have to remember that it takes time to learn a new job. I would say what the 30, 60, 90 days are. Some of our benchmarks about really kind of solidifying that job, building confidence in that new employee as well. That takes time because for them it's a new job as well and they've got to build that confidence and once they have that confidence and that foundation underneath them, they can really shine at that point.

09:31 Alissa Oh, absolutely. I think they need that 1st 30 days is going to be all learning, but then by 60 days we should have all the kinks worked out and by 90 days we can add and we can grow. I mean, you're right, it's a 30, 60, 90 optimization. We're going to grow at each benchmark and continue from there.

09:52 Melissa Yeah. It sounds like one of the things that we're really good at is staying with the team member this whole time. After the 30 days are up, we don't just leave the practice high and dry, right. We're there and really making sure that even after that 90 days though, that everything is still good and that we're making sure that we're maintaining that quality assurance and that we've got everything taken care of.

10:24 Alissa Absolutely.

10:25 Melissa With some additional things that let's kind of talk. If were like 30, 60 days down the road and that agent is doing phenomenal in the practice, this is normally the time that people come to you specifically and say, okay, I need some more help in this area, or can we get another agent to help with say, insurance verification or reactivation calls? Tell me about that process, about adding another agent.

10:51 Alissa Oh, absolutely. I usually say the first 30 days, let's get all the kinks worked out. Once we hit that 30 days, if you start noticing, oh, we need help in this area, we need help with insurance verification. This is the point where I'm talking to the practice managers or the front desk staff and I'm like, what are the mundane tasks? What are those tasks that you hate doing daily that you want off your plate? What we'll do is we'll oftentimes hire that second or third staff member to really assist your practice manager, to assist you as a doctor or you as a practice owner. We're going to hire that one and they're going to do your insurance verification, collecting records. We know we all hate making phone calls these days. We'd rather text. Well, there's a lot of cases where we can't. Your second your third agent, they're going to make all those outbound calls.

11:47 Alissa Anybody who's overdue for an appointment, we want to get them in. That phone call is a personal touch that goes far, much further. They respect it much more than just a simple text or an email. That agent is going to be able to do all of those things where your first agent, they're taking your calls, they're taking those appointments, they're booking. You've got this other one over here and they're bringing in that revenue that a lot of us would think was lost. Oh, they didn't show up for their one year check up. Okay, we'll move on. Reality is a personal phone call is going to bring them back.

12:27 Melissa Yeah, I like that. That's really what we're talking about when we're talking about retreating. We talked about in the very beginning, right? The economy is changing. Things are looking a little scary for some businesses. I think that when we look at our front end staff again, it was so easy to think about cutting those costs. What we don't see is the value of the things that they could be doing that your current staff cannot because they just don't have the time to do. They can bring in additional revenue. And you just hit it right there. It's those reactivation calls. It's allowing your in house team to be able to take time with the clients who are there. When they do that, maybe they can potentially upsell them into a health plan or maybe they can upsell them into some better food or some other things that you provide, right?

13:21 Melissa They can take the time with those who are there because they're not rushing to get the phone or they're not going to do insurance verification. They're not rushing to do all of this time. They're taking time with each patient. That increases, of course, the likelihood of the return and the return on investment. All of those things are super important. Now, I know that there's some most commonly asked questions, I guess we would call these the F and Q's, right? Of questions that people ask about the program. What are some of those questions that people are asking that we can help answer on this podcast today?

13:58 Alissa I think some of our biggest are price. We always get the how much does it cost, what's this with that? You know what I mean? Like the unfunded questions. In reality, it's what everyone needs to know. And we have some great offers. Stay till the end and we will get all to the pricing, I promise. We'll have a great discount for you. But a lot of people worry. My software, my software is on premises. My software is cloud based. How does that work? How do you do prescription refills, how do you order? How do you take payment? We have all of these questions around the logistics of booking or anything that pertains in the software. Honestly my answer is, oh, it's no problem, we can do it. It's because we've partnered, we've integrated with all of these softwares. Your agent will get a computer if they're on premises.

14:55 Alissa It'll be like your agent is right there with you because their computers there and you can see what they're doing as they remote in, cloud based is super easy. You just give us a login. Again, if it can be done via the cloud or via your remote computer, we can do it. We can do prescription refills, we can do request, we can do it.

15:19 Melissa I love technology nowadays, right? It's so funny because I see some of our agents working and our team members working and it's like, okay, they just sent the prescription to the printer. It was so funny because you think about that, it's like, oh my gosh, they literally just sent it thousands of miles away to a printer.

15:39 Alissa Totally did.

15:41 Melissa The prescription could be pulled. So yes, it can happen. I mean, whatever software you guys have, the practice has, we can fully integrate with. Like you said, if it's on premise, no problem. We've got to do for that too. So, yeah, it works. It just works. I think people do get nervous about it, but ultimately when it comes down to the time, that's such a fraction of the time to get set up.

16:07 Alissa I mean, so simple right now. We also hear how long does it take and when can I start? Okay, well, it's 2 hours. It's 2 hours of your time. It's about 30 minutes of paperwork, a 30 minutes get to know you meeting, and a 1 hour software meeting. And that's for your training. A total of 2 hours and you can have anybody in your staff that you trust do this. It doesn't have to be a practice owner or a doctor or a business owner. It can be whomever you trust within your practice to fill out this paperwork and to do these meetings. As for starting, we usually say give us two weeks. We want to give you time to do the paperwork because we know you're busy and we also need time to train your agent. It takes about two weeks to get you fully started for your agent to be working for you.

17:04 Alissa So it's pretty quick.

17:05 Melissa All in all, we have this down to a science. I got to admit, I'm pretty proud of the process. 2 hours and two weeks. It's going to take you longer to put out an Indeed ad in order to get somebody. Again, Concierge Elite is really taking the stress out of this because by the time I go set up an Indeed account to put out an ad to hire a front desk team member, that's my 2 hours right there. For sure, it's one of those things that we've definitely taken the stress out of it.

17:43 Alissa For sure, we've taken the stress out of it. We've taken the cost out of it. Because those indeed ads are not cheap.

17:49 Melissa No, they're not, actually.

17:51 Alissa We pay for all of that, and there's no monthly fee associated with our hiring services. You're just paying that flat rate of 22 50 for your remote employee.

18:04 Melissa Yeah. I love it. I think this team has done a phenomenal job creating such an easy process. I think I would just encourage anybody who's listening, of course, if you haven't thought about going remote, rethink the possibilities of what can be done in a remote atmosphere, what can be done in a remote setting that really allows your team to focus on what's important. I think that was the heart of really where we came to in this business, is that we want your in house team to focus on what's important, which is that patient in front of them and really be able to spend time there and allow our team to take care of the things that are going to bring in additional revenue, the things that are going to keep your business running, keeping people in the door, keeping your calendar full, all those very important things.

19:02 Melissa Let us take care of those things. Well, anything else that you can think of that's on the top of people's question list?

19:12 Alissa If you have questions, I always say let's schedule a meeting. Not a sales meeting, just simply a time to sit down and volley your questions back and forth, because everybody is going to have their own. Sometimes all we need is just ten minutes to sit on the phone and go back and forth with questions. If I don't have answers, we're going to find someone. Whether I'm going to call Melissa really fast and like, hey, Melissa, I need this answer. We're going to reach out to one of my other team members. We're a super tight knit group over here at Concierge Elite. And so that's what we do. If I can't solve it, I'm going to have someone in real time helping me. That's why these questions, these answers, the volley sessions, they can be so imperative because they will help you. They will show you that we're family.

20:01 Alissa We're fully transparent. That's how we run over here.

20:05 Melissa Yeah. Awesome. There's some new developments coming with Concierge Elite. I know we wanted to kind of touch briefly on those. There are two developments that are game changers, really, in the recruiting staffing and training aspects. Coming soon is going to be our very own training platform that's going to be available to our clients. So we're really excited. Obviously, you guys have heard from our process. We have got a great process of training, and we want to bring this to the practices we want to bring this to everyone who wants to have training, whether that's customer service training, that's medical reception training, it's leadership life training, really. It is a great training program that could go 30, 60, 90 days or even a year. We have a great training program that should be launching soon. Make sure that you subscribe on our website or subscribe and like to this podcast.

21:05 Melissa You can be one of the first to know when that training program comes out. Also, the second is going to be that we are going to be launching our recruiting section of Concierge Elite. That's really going to begin to be able to provide some in house staffing. That might not be for a front desk receptionist, but maybe for a tech or things that really do have to be in house. They're more client facing. We are going to begin to recruit and do some developments in that. So more to come on those soon.

21:41 Alissa I'm so excited. I love seeing it grow.

21:44 Melissa I do too. I think these are really great developments. I'm really excited in the next coming months to be launching these. And we move fast. Just because you hear this now doesn't mean it's going to happen in two years. We move much faster than that. You're going to hear that very soon. So make sure you stay tuned. Now, Alyssa, you mentioned which you mentioned that there was a discount, that there was going to be a special promotion for those listening today. What is that?

22:11 Alissa If anybody caught it. I actually said it a few minutes ago. You guys get our medical receptionist for $2,250 a month. That is $200 off our normal price of 24. $50. Now all you have to do is simply mention the podcast. Say, I listened to understaffed. That's all you have to do, okay? Tell us how much you loved us. Just slaughter us, okay, even if you didn't love us.

22:41 Melissa Now, we have that special for those who are looking to get a new staff member. Also, since this is our first podcast, really, we want to give away something. If you like this podcast, if you comment and then you share, and then this is going to enter you in for a drawing. I want you to enter yourself into the drawing by doing those three things. Next podcast, we are going to announce the winner. Remember that you need to, like, comment and share and then tune in next time and we will announce the winner. And I know it's a cool prize. Do we know what it is or do we want to share or do we want to keep them on pins and needles?

23:34 Alissa I think we can share.

23:35 Melissa Okay.

23:36 Alissa I think we can also customize the giveaway because everybody is different. That's the name of the game over. Melissa B. Conciergeelite our goal is to tailor make it to you so you will get one month free of a handful of services. We'll kind of let you pick them, so we call it our Answers Connect team. You'll get one month of meeting our agents, having our agents answer your calls, and then after that one month, we can really grow and the services that you need.

24:10 Melissa Yeah, sounds good. If you don't maybe need help with that. If you need help with on your texting platform, someone managing that, we'll take care of that for you. So, again, we'll customize this one month free for you guys, but you have to do the three things, and if you don't, you can't enter to win. My husband says if I don't play the lotto, I can't win the lotto. I keep thinking I'm going to win the Mega Millions, but I don't play. Kind of. Same deal here, right?

24:42 Alissa Do all the things. You have to do all the things.

24:44 Melissa Do all the things. Well, this has been awesome. I'm so glad that we are kicking this off. Hey, if you guys have any questions, comments, make sure to post those for us. We'd love to hear it and we'd love to reach out to you. Thanks so much for joining us today on our podcast. The goal is to never leave you understaffed and don't forget to subscribe and like, bye, guys.