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S1 E12 Save Time On Customer Service Calls With Schultz Technology's Fetchit with Baran Schultz

Updated: Jan 13

Baran Schultz from & Melissa from Concierge Elite chat about his company specializing in veterinary technology. His product helps clinics manage their records with their practice management software & saves partner hospitals time on customer service calls. The episode discusses how the Fetchit software has helped to improve customer service at veterinary clinics. The software is a time-saver for CSRs, helps keep records up to date, and enhances client relationships. It also integrates with many practice management software systems. The Schultz Technology team is excited to offer their Fetch technology as a recommended service for clinics. Fetchit helps clinics protect their systems from cyberattacks and provides enhanced client relationships. The Schultz Technology team offers free site assessments and monthly pricing plans.


00:08 Melissa Today's podcast is brought to you by Concierge Melissa B. Conciergeelite provides dedicated remote, front desk staff and virtual assistants to your office. We specialize in finding your office the perfect and right fit for your office and your office only full or part time. Your remote team member is just that, yours. We do all the hiring, the recruiting and training. Yes, the training. It's one of the things that makes us unique as we train your dedicated remote team member in your systems and software.

00:37 Melissa Today I have with me Baran Schultz of Schultz Technology. He started Schultz Technology in 1999, then went to Valley Forge Military School, where he learned discipline and how to conduct himself in a proper manner. After military school, he went on to graduate from St. Joseph's with a degree in finance. He worked as an It person for Marriott prior to wanting to start his own business. For the last 25 years, he's grown his company to be the top 150 MSP, the leading phone providers, and one of the only true twenty four seven It help desks on the market. Help me. Welcome Baran Schultz.

01:13 Baran Hi, how are you?

01:14 Baran Good. Thanks so much for being here. I appreciate it. I'm really excited to have you today because I just got to meet you all a couple of weeks ago, and I am totally enamored with what you guys are doing. I love your product, I love your service. I was telling you guys'partners that I want to see what you guys do in every single practice that I work with. I loved it that much. I see a lot of software, I see a lot of things. I'm excited to have you here and tell us about yourself and how you got started.

01:47 Baran Well, we are a full service It company specializing in the veterinary field. I started in the It world in about 1999, my own business. Prior to that, I worked my way through college in the hotel business, and I fell into technology and loved it. When I started my own business, we started acquiring more and more vet clinics as clients, and then a few national accounts, and then 20 some years later, that's what we specialize in, and we love it. We love helping clinics solve their technology problems.

02:26 Baran Yeah. Excellent. All right, now I want you to tell the listeners, I got to see a demo. They're not going to get to see it, but I want you to tell them as best as you can describe it. What do you guys do specifically for.

02:39 Baran Veterinary practices so unique to us, we have software called Fetchet that we developed in house and that's trademarked and patented for Schultz Technology. What the Fetched software does, we work with the practice management software in any of our clinics. Let's just take Easy Vet as an example. Easy Vet, the phone will ring in easy vet. A blue or red bubble is going to pop up on the screen in the practice management software. If it's a blue bubble, it is associated with a record in easy Vet. All the CSR is going to have to do is click the bubble. It pulls the record right up. They don't have to type name number. They don't have to ask, how do you spell that? What is your phone number? It's been a game changer for our clinics. It's saving our CSR is about 30 to 40 seconds per phone call, free COVID were averaging about two to three more appointments per week per doctor.

03:45 Baran It's a game changer as far as customer services concerned. The reason we developed Fetch, it DVM friend of mine owns seven hospitals in Tennessee and his biggest complaint was, I hire a new CSR. The person answers the phone, Mrs. Smith calls in, and the first question that someone asks is, have you ever been here before? And Mrs. Smith goes, I've been coming there for 20 years, blah, blah, blah. Right now, Mrs. Smith is upset because you don't remember her or you should remember her. We developed it as a client service tool, but it's turned into so much more. It's turned into a time saver for the CSRs, less stress on the CSRs, a revenue generator, but also for the practice managers. Now they're getting reporting that's going to show call by hours who's closing the most appointments, when are our busiest times. They use it as a scheduling tool.

04:44 Baran The other thing is, it helps you keep your records up to date. Because our clinics that use Fetchet use it as a game. They never want to see any red bubbles. A red bubble means either it's a new client that hasn't called yet, it could be spam, or if I'm a spouse calling in, I'm not in the record. Now I can add that number to the record and I'm a blue bubble going forward. Now I can just click on and the record is right there. It's really the game changer for the customer service. Now I'm answering the phone. Hi, Mrs. Smith. How Fluffy doing? Blah, blah. Now she goes back to her friends and go, they know who I am. They asked about Fluffy. It really enhances the customer, the client relationship with the clinic.

05:34 Baran Yes, absolutely. Like I said, I fell in love with this product when I saw it. I mean, it was such a quick demo too. They showed it to me and it made sense to me in 5 seconds. It was like, okay, yes, we've got to have this. Some of those key points that you're talking about is first, it's going to cut down on time for your CSR. They're going to be able to see right away. You're not asking, are you a new client, existing client, what's your name? How do you spell it? What's your pet's name? All of the mundane stuff that just gets in the way. That first and foremost. Like you said, man, you can immediately greet that new client, that red bubble with, oh, I'm so glad you called us today, or you're a new client. We're excited for that. The existing clients, the same way you're nurturing that relationship with them, whether they're a new front desk or somebody who's been there for 20 years, they're still going to get the same level of service.

06:37 Baran Exactly. Who's stressed out the most at the clinics? The CSRs, they're checking people in. They're answering phones. I got to take prescription calls, and I have to take grooming appointments. I'm taking regular appointments now. That goes away because I'm handling the client as soon as they call, and it's so much easier and just a nice hand off. I know the client feels that special touch, and I'm helping them get resolved quicker and easier.

07:07 Baran Yeah, and I liked how it integrated with the software already, so it's pulling up that client profile. You're able to get right in there without searching, too. We find a lot of times with our CSRs at the front desk. Just pulling that record up takes a minute.

07:22 Baran Oh, yeah. And a lot of things, too. There's other people out there that say they do that and they don't. I call it a glorified caller ID. There are some companies that go, oh, hey, we do this. Well, they can't, because we're trademarked and patented. Secondly, all they're doing is pulling up a number or a name, and the CSR still has to type the name or number. We take all that away. It's one step. You click on the bubble, the record is there. I'm good to go. As we're growing every day with our team here, it's great because the CSRs love it, and they're our biggest supporters and our biggest cheerleaders because they absolutely love the time that it's saving them.

08:04 Baran Yes. And that's exactly why we love it. We love you guys at Concierge Elite is because that's what we do. We're focused on that front desk and anything to save time and help build that employee, that relationship with that client and all of that. So I think those things are excellent. Now, you can type when you click on that bubble after that point, and it goes right into the record so they can immediately book that appointment. They can do whatever they need to put notes that they called, correct all of that's right in there and time stamped.

08:35 Baran Yes, ma'am. They can type all the information in the records right there so they can start adding new information updating Fluffy's record, whatever the case may be. If they missed the call so if they were on another call, they can go in. The bubbles will stay a minimum of 30 seconds. We can make the bubble stay longer or less. If the client did hang up or if the client went to your auto attendant or wherever the case may be, they can go back in and pull the bubbles up and click it. They can pull the record up and call Mrs. Smith back. It really gives that double duty there that they can enhance and make sure, oh, I'm calling Mrs. Smith back. I have the record. I'm good to go with what I need to know.

09:23 Baran Love it. Now, does it work with any phone system?

09:26 Baran Yes, we are a Quick 32nd commercial. We are a full service. It, you know, shop. Fetch It is an add on. We've done that because, like I said, we're veterinary based and we saw the need for our veterinary clinics. That's why we developed fetch it. Yes, it works with either our phones or any phone system. If they do not have our phones, the only extra piece of equipment we need is a caller ID box on their network, which we do the install and the training and the programming.

09:58 Baran Right. You can do that around the United States. Are you in Canada?

10:02 Baran Yes, ma'am. Yeah, we're in the United States. Yes, we can do it in Canada also. We can't do our phone service in Canada, but we can do Fetch It in Canada.

10:12 Baran Yeah, I know about that. Okay. Yeah. Excellent. And what about software? Does it work with all software? Is there only certain ones?

10:21 Baran Yes, we work with almost every PIMS. Now there are some one offs or some smaller PIMS that if a client doesn't have a PIMS that we work with, we will work with them if it's a smaller PIMS to get the API and work with it. Our team is constantly updating, but we work probably, to be honest, with about 90% of them. Now, we have some really good relationships with the practice management software teams out there.

10:50 Baran Oh, great. Really, it sounds like it can work for anybody.

10:54 Baran Yes, ma'am.

10:56 Baran Why would they not go ahead and put this software in there and save everybody some time and get those extra appointments in there? I know you guys said you're full service. What else do you want to brag on? What else are you guys doing over there?

11:10 Baran Oh, great. Yeah. I love the opportunity. I say we're full service, we are truly full service. We can start if it's a new build or an existing building, we do infrastructure, cabling, fire and security, CCTV, It support. We have a 24 hours help desk for our It team and our phone team. We do, obviously, Fetch It software integration and everything in between. We do hardware purchases. We have clinics across the country that use us for everything. They love the fact that we are a one stop shop. They pick up the phone, we handle all of their technology, whether it's hardware, software, help, desk. We're the first line of defense too for a lot of our clinics with their practice management software. We know in this day and age, the practice managers or the CSRs don't want to be calling as a mark or easy vet or cornerstone, they call us.

12:08 Baran We handle the issues. The nice thing about us being strictly veterinary based, we know the issues before usually a lot of the software companies because we're dealing with it at other clinics throughout the country. We pride ourselves on really having a great security stack for our clinics, making sure they're protected firewall wise and antivirus and so forth. So, yes, we are a complete shop. Fetch. It's a beautiful add on that has really been a game changer for us. And our clinics absolutely love us. We were in relationship building. I think you've talked to some of our team members at some of the shows were at together and we really pride ourselves, of course we want your business, but we want to build that relationship and we want to educate our clinics. We want them to walk away going, wow, Schultz was great, they helped us.

13:05 Baran We want to be a partner, we just don't want to be a vendor. We want to have that lifelong relationship.

13:10 Baran Yeah. That's exactly why I asked you all to be here today. That's why it's going to be a product and service that we recommend on our end for not only our listeners here on the Understaffed podcast, but really for everybody who's in the concierge program. We're excited to be partnering with you guys. There is a lot of middleman that you can choose from and I'm really recommending these guys because we have worked with a number of them and they can be really tough. It can be a really tough relationship to have, especially when they don't know veterinary, when they don't know the products and services that you have. It can really be a challenge and we see that daily. That's why I am recommending you all to our listeners. We're excited to be working with you guys. Now, how do we get in touch with you?

14:02 Baran How does someone get in touch with you all?

14:05 Baran We're 24/7, so you can reach out to us at our website, which is, or our 800 number, which is 877-495-6204. Again, we are nationwide and we are in 46 out of 50 states right now. We are very proud of that fact and we work very hard where Melissa, meeting our team members and working with us, that we really pride ourselves on our client relationships and our client service. Our team really cares. Again, like you pointed out, being the fact that we are strictly veterinary based really puts us in the top tier and really puts us out of the realm of everybody else which is great.

14:55 Baran Yeah, absolutely. There anything that you guys are offering if someone hears this podcast, should we mention anything? Do you guys have something that we're going to partner together?

15:06 Baran Yeah, absolutely. Right now with the podcast, we are given free site assessment, so we will come out to your clinic and give an It assessment on your whole It infrastructure, help desk and so forth. Also we are running a special with Fetch It, letting you have the first month free as a trial, and after that, then you're on a month to month contract with us.

15:33 Baran All right, excellent. I love that Concierge will sign up for the first month free.

15:39 Baran I want to put it on our.

15:40 Baran Software for sure for all of our team members who are in all these clinics. We will talk more about that when we can here, and we'll get that meeting set up. Anything else that you want to leave before we close it out today?

15:56 Baran No, just thank you for having us. We're very excited about Fetchett and our team and our integration. It's growing, and word of mouth has been great. People love the fact that we have true integration, and please reach out to us if we can help you with any of your technology needs. Biggest thing for me, along with Fetch It, we did it because, again, we wanted to enhance our relationships, and I would just tell everybody out there, anything in technology, please call us for. But always be on the lookout. We can help you any way we can.

16:28 Baran Awesome. Thank you guys so much. I appreciate you being here today.

16:32 Baran Thank you, Melissa. We appreciate your time.

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