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Medical Answering Services | Enhancing Healthcare Access and Communication - 2023 Guide

Updated: Jan 17

Medical Practice Answering Services offers the convenience of an emergency response service that allows you to receive essential healthcare support efficiently and effectively. In addition, you will get the chance to get communication assistance from the medical practice answering service.

Medical Practice Answering Services for Healthcare

In Medical Practice Answering Services, you will deal with complete answering services related to dental, medical, and other healthcare practices. And take control over all the incoming calls from the customers by forwarding their medical requirements to the medical practitioners.

Hence, we respond to all your medical-related questions with a team of professionals and experts in each specific subject. 


What is a Medical Answering Service?

Types of Medical Answering Services

We Work In Respect Of Patient Satisfaction

Various Delivery Methods

Medical Answering Services for Home Health Care Practices

Medical Practices Answering Services For Hospitals

Why Concierge Elite?

FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions)


Medical Answering Service With The Practice Related To It

While practicing the related services, you can have some questions in your mind, which are given below.

  1. Are you facing any problems related to answering all the incoming calls?

  2. And you are getting the situation of your phone’s voicemail box complete warnings.

  3. And your staff members face issues to be pulled away from old callers to answer new calls.

  4. Moreover, due to any reason, your office phone keeps ringing without being picked up.

  5. And you want to start hiring new staff to cope with the wide range of calls issues.

To solve all these problems, you need to start the practice related to Medical Answering Services. And we have given some essential factors which will make your method more accurate.

  1. First of all, the calls for your medical practice are first moved to receptionists who are remotely live and always ready to greet the customer.

  2. And these virtual receptionists should be trained enough to deal with the customer services received by the medical practices.

  3. They can start by giving them information about office hours and location. And setting the appointment according to these factors.

  4. Further, the receptionist should also know how to deal with patients with emergencies and send their information to the accurate parties on time.

  5. And when the patient needs to talk to the specific medical services, the receptionist should forward the call or their message to the desired parties.

  6. They can forward the call or the message to the main office, the pager or phone number of the medical practitioner, or the email address, etc.

  7. In addition, the receptionists should be available to answer the calls related to your practices as the medical requirements don’t only depend on the office hours.

With the help of all these medical answering services, you will feel free to perform your medical practice services as the call-receiving duty is performed by virtual receptionists to make your work more accessible. Henceforth, these services handle all incoming calls from a wide range of customers. You can save your office staff time by getting some remote full-time receptionists to receive the calls related to your healthcare services. And as a result, your patients will feel supported with 24/7 assistance.


Types of Medical Answering Services

All medical answering services vary in the type of services they provide to the health care platforms. And the basic types are listed below:


  • Message-taking services record information and then forward it to the related medical parties.

Live Answering

  • In live answering services, the receptionists will be available at 24 hours service to pick up all the calls from your patients. And if you have provided some list of FAQs and their answers, they can answer specific questions on the spot.

Appointment Setting

  • The call receptionists will need some software or calendars related to the medical practices to set up some appointments for specific callers.

After-Hours Answering

  • In after-hours medical practices, the receptionist can take on the calls and messages at the call time. And forward it further to the relevant medical procedures.

Appointment Reminders

  • The reminders can help the patients or the caregivers to get reminded of the appointment times.

Overflow Call Answering

  • To solve the problems of the overflow of different calls by different patients. An overflow will cause the bell to ring all the time, interrupting your practices, and can also be engaged while your patient is trying to reach you in an emergency. Then the answering services will serve as the best assistance to solve these types of problems.

Call Recording

  • The answering center can also record the calls from the customers and can be used for later use as well.

Secure Messengers

  • Some answering service providers keep in mind the HIPAA compliant while communicating with your clients. Then they should have to keep the patient’s information secured according to the law requirements and fulfill them and provide a mobile application.


Types of Medical Answering Services

A bad medical answering service can cause the information from the clients to be unsecured due to many mistakes and can lead to HIPAA violations as well. Moreover, a lousy answering service can also ruin your practice brand name if the callers are rude or nasty to your customers. So, you need to be very careful by choosing any answering service which should be trustworthy. In addition, you can easily trust our services as we ultimately care about HIPAA compliance and every other factor that can affect the communication between you and your customers.

Related to our medical answering services, we provide 24/7 assistance to the patients to contact us and discuss any medical problem with us. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the security of your private matters while talking to our professional medical staff as we are providing the services according to the HIPAA standards of safety. In addition, the patients will be treated in very compassionate and respectful ways to make them convenient while discussing their problems.

We Work In Respect Of Patient Satisfaction

Our services are satisfactory for all the customers who want their medical problems solved by specific practitioners. Moreover, the patients will not feel regret or ignored due to the poor customer center. Because we highly care about our customers’ respect and dignity, we will deal with them compassionately and respectfully.

Administration supports smoothed-out correspondence answers for medical care associations, alongside availability to come into work all time replying for clinical workplaces. All the medical organizations can get help from our answering services that none of their patients will be ignored and answered with their satisfactory factors.

Find a team of virtual receptionists performing remote medical practice answering services to your patients. They are trained enough to forward the information of the patients to you. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about any privacy issues as your patient’s information is in safe hands.

And when our receptionists receive the phone calls, your clients will experience as if they are communicating to your staff. In addition, the customers will never recognize that they are talking to your employees or us. So, in this way, they will feel comfortable discussing the aspects of their medical needs.


Various Delivery Methods

You can also select the specific method to get your patients’ information with the help of our services. And the plans include email, message, PDA, email, fax, paging, secure app, cell phone, or voicemail. Henceforth, you can experience getting important news from clients with multiple delivery methods.

Pay For Only the Operational Timings

Pay For Only the Operational Timings

You don’t need to pay us monthly by paying the amounts according to every second. So, we only charge for our center’s operating time on receiving your client’s calls. Moreover, in our business, we serve you the services without wasting money on extra payments you spend on hiring a specific receptionist. Because our receptionist center works remotely, allowing you to be free from any worries to engage or increase your staff to cope with the workload.

Setting Appointments According To Your Working Hours

If you provide any of your online software to us, we will be able to set appointments with your clients. And you will get accessible updates at any time you want. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about any security issues regarding your software. As we have already discussed, we care about you and your client’s privacy a lot. In addition, we will also provide appointment reminders to allow you to get every notification on time. And there will be no delay between you and your patient’s communication.

Custom Medical Practice Answering Services

We provide you with custom services, including the services related to doctors, medical home care, and hospital medical practice answering services.

Doctor's Medical Answering Services

In our doctor’s medical practices services, you don’t need to worry about HIPAA compliance. And other problems related to answering patient calls. As a doctor, you mostly feel burdened with performing your duties and receiving your patient’s calls to prescribe for some medical issues.

So, we will provide easy access between you and your patient’s communication for performing your medical practices. Moreover, you will be able to gain your trust among the patients with our answering services. Because our company will provide you with the best quality services, you will feel like you have handed over the answering duties to a trustworthy company.


Medical Answering Services for Home Health Care Practices

Home healthcare providers work day and night to give extra care to patients who want medical practices in their homes. But sometimes, home health care practitioners also need assistance to cope with their patients' needs and communicate with them. So, we provide our medical answering services to home health care providers. And by getting our help, you can contact your patients without burdening your organization.

So, the patient who needs home health care support can try to reach their specific caretaker at any time of the day. And with the help of our 24/7 services, you will be able to get your patient’s messages on time. In addition, home care can include respite care, routine care, continuous care, and inpatient care.

When any of your patients try to call you, our center will answer them and record their given details. Correspondingly, we will further transfer the parties to you to perform the required measures as soon as possible. And our receptionists are experienced enough to lessen the possibility of any mistakes while answering the patients. In addition, you will get instant notifications with our SMS alerts.

Moreover, with the 24-hour availability in our answering business, we allow you to quickly meet the HIPAA law requirements. Next, our email and text message services follow HIPAA compliance, and our priority is protecting the patient’s information.


Medical Practices Answering Services For Hospitals

Medical Practices Answering Services For Hospitals

In the hospitals, a large part of our company is working to serve patients of different kinds. And they have to take a complete hea