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The healthcare industry requires many professionals to work together to be successful. If you want to work in this industry, becoming a medical scribe may be an ideal option.

You will interact with doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals in various hospital settings as a medical scribe. Medical scribes possess strong organizational and computer skills. They excel in written communication as well. They are also detail-oriented and enjoy working in high-pressure environments.

How Do I Become a Virtual Medical Scribe?

The medical scribe profession might be the perfect fit for you in trying to work within the medical or healthcare industry.

If you are looking for a career where you will help people by interacting with them daily and have that professional approach, then this may be an ideal option for you to consider.

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What is a Virtual Medical Scribe?

A virtual medical scribe is a step above a traditional medical scribe in that the position is shifted out of the office and into an online platform. The virtual scribe will fully access all patient data, including progress notes and imaging. One of the most significant benefits to patients is that it increases promptness for their care because there's no longer a delay between exam room appointment opening and start time as with a traditional scribe.

They also allow providers to focus on patients rather than data entry. They take down the clinician's dictation, transcribe the notes, and ensure the physician is satisfied with the quality. You can save time, increase revenue, and grow your practice by outsourcing medical scribe services.

As the Covid-19 prevailed all over the world, enforcement and social distancing transformed the medical scribes into tele scribes, remote scribes, or digital scribing.


Table of Contents

How do I become a Virtual Medical Scribe?

What is a Virtual Medical Scribe?

Are Virtual Medical Scribe Services Safe?

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Are Virtual Medical Scribe Services Safe?

With the ease of improved the quality of time between the patient and physician through virtual medical scribes, tele scribes, or remote scribes, there is also an increased concern in liability risks with offsite or outsourced Medical Assistants.

Are Remote Scribe Services Safe?

Before hiring a scribe or service, healthcare organizations must ensure that adequate safeguards are in place to protect ePHI to avoid such HIPAA risks.

Healthcare organizations should also be aware of the unique liability risks posed by a virtual team member. The level of supervision required and the tasks the team member can and cannot perform are critical to an understanding before choosing a service.

Remote Scribe and Management Compliance Tips

Remote Scribe Compliance

  • Identify the steps taken by the service to ensure compliance with HIPAA.

  • Speak with the medical assistant or service provider about obtaining a Business Associate Agreement.

  • Document the HIPAA training certificate before onboarding

  • Minimize access to ePHI

  • Maintain and monitor the access to ePHI

Management Compliance

  • In the employment contract, clearly define the duties of the new team member.

  • Provide EHR training at onboarding

  • Develop a performance audit policy

  • Review all entries for accuracy

  • Make sure that the medical assistant is up-to-date on all training

  • Notify patients of the medical assistants’ presence

More and detailed guide about compliance

Patient Security in Virtual and Traditional Medical Scribes - HIPAA Compliance

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What Does A Medical Scribe Do?

What does A Medical Scribe Do

A medical scribe is an allied health paraprofessional who specializes in charting physician-patient encounters in real time, such as during medical examinations. They also locate information and patients for physicians and complete forms needed for patient care. Depending on which area of practice the scribe works in, the position may also be called clinical scribe, ER scribe or ED scribe (in the emergency department).

The application of a medical scribe can range from assisting physicians with patient examinations, documenting information at patient appointments and procedures, following up on test results, and much more.

A medical scribe can work on-site (at a hospital or clinic) or remotely from a HIPAA-secure facility. Medical scribes who work at an off-site location are known as virtual medical scribes.

Primary Role and Responsibilities of a Virtual Medical Scribe

  • Maintain Electronic Health Record (EHR) System with patient medical history and record.

  • Write the History of present illness (HPI) by observing the patient’s medical record and interactions.

  • Recording the patient’s answers given to the physician regarding the diet and exercise as well as the mandatory lab tests and values.

  • Transformation or translation of the physician’s dictation from Dictaphones and then recording them into EHR.

  • Writing referral or other types of letters for correlation.

In an Emergency Department

  • Maintaining medical records

  • Documenting patient discharge information

  • Writing doctor’s excuse notes

  • Composing the prescriptions and then signed by physician

  • Re-examine data findings

  • Provide information to ED Physician from support staff.

Additionally, they may be responsible for training and onboarding new scribes, and managing their workload and performance. This role is crucial in ensuring that the physician can focus on the patient during the visit, and that the medical records are accurate and complete, which is important for continuity of care and reimbursement.

More detailed and helpful guide is on this link :

What Does a Medical Scribe Do? | Virtual Medical Scribe

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The Differences Between Traditional & Virtual Scribes

Medical scribes have become an essential part of the healthcare industry recently.

But what are they, and how do they work?