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How do I manage a Virtual Medical Assistant?

Updated: 3 days ago

People often ask, this question after hiring one. It's precisely the same as managing anyone else who works for you. You can manage a Virtual Assistant just like any other employee because they work as hard as you do.

You'll learn how this works and give tips on how to make it successful.

Managing Your Virtual Medical Assistant

When you hire a virtual medical assistant, you will immediately see the benefits they offer. When a Virtual Assistant is on board, the workload is balanced, and the customer experience is enhanced since their needs are met without long wait times or feeling rushed.

You, your staff, and your patients benefit from your new staff member. This set of questions will help you enhance your management and communication skills.


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Why Concierge Elite?


How Do We Communicate?

Keeping in touch is as easy as opening your laptop, no matter how far away your Virtual Assistant is. To communicate with them, you have many tools at your disposal, including notes and reminders, as well as face-to-face meetings. To hold weekly staff meetings or to communicate on the spot, you can use our encrypted software program to initiate video conferences. They can be included in your staff meetings or you can choose to speak with them privately if you prefer.


Do I Need to Track Their Time?

There is no need to do that since you will be charged a flat fee. Your pricing plan depends on how often you need your Virtual Assistant. You'll probably choose the primary option if you only require a few hours a week for a shortlist of tasks. We handle all the usual things when hiring someone, such as training, time-tracking, taxes, etc. All you have to do is run your business and care for your patients.


How Does a Virtual Assistant Stay Organize?

Because our Virtual Assistants have been doing this work for a long time, they have developed very effective work habits. Time-blocking techniques, for instance. Our Virtual Assistants use our time tracking systems that can have screenshots enabled, as well as provide detailed reporting.

Additionally, they have a list of tasks in order of priority, prioritize time-sensitive tasks, and have resources ready to look up information and research. As they complete each task promptly and efficiently, they schedule their day out first thing in the morning.


How Will They Work on Tasks Outside of My Office?

Incoming calls will automatically be routed to your Virtual Assistant through your VOIP phone provider and our phone software. They use your phone number and caller ID when making patient calls to confirm appointments or other business-related tasks.

All administrative tasks will be recorded in our time tracking system, so everything is in one place and done in real-time. Even though they are not physically present in your office, they will be connected to your phone, billing, invoicing, and management systems. You'll feel as if someone is working next door.

There would be no indication that you are outsourcing unless you chose to identify your staff as remote. Your staff provides excellent customer service and handles everything very efficiently. Everything in your office runs smoothly, like a well-oiled machine.


How Many Virtual Assistants Can I Hire?

There is no limit to the number of Virtual Assistants you can hire. You must know how many people you hire to run your business smoothly and efficiently. We can assist you if you suddenly receive an influx of new patients and do not have enough regular staff to cover the demand. To get started, we can help you as much as you need.


No Micro-Managing

You can rely on your Virtual Assistant to lighten your load by helping you out. You won't have to manage or keep track of your Virtual Assistant as you would a temp worker who is only there for a few hours. As you update them on new assignments or anything that requires a heads-up, they will keep in touch with you continuously. Like any other employee, they will learn your practices and workflow to maintain consistency.

Remote workers are easy to manage since you don't have to supervise them. As with other trained office staff, they are excellent time managers and organizers. Our team at Concierge Elite handles all recruiting, hiring, and training tasks, so you just need to assign tasks and let them work. You can focus more on the patients and providing quality care by having them do the more tedious routine functions for you.