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Simple Strategies To Prevent No-Shows In A Medical Setting

Updated: Jan 17

Missed appointments can indeed be frustrating for both staff and clients. Sometimes, they give various reasons why their client has failed to show up, such as forgetting or being too busy, but in reality, there is one primary reason behind it: They forgot!

Life gets busy. Days fly by, and you may find yourself struggling to keep up with all that needs doing, which is why your clinic needs to take action so they can remain top of mind while reducing the risk of no-shows! Here’s how we’ve improved numbers at our practice – Confirm right away.

It’s a problem that many practices have found solutions for handing out appointment cards to clients. Still, these are all fine when it works as planned- assuming you’ll go straight home and put your new card prominently on display, so there is no doubt about future confirmations or appointments! In reality, though, we constantly forget anyway because of how busy life gets (even more so with older adults).

This is a great way to ensure that your clients can keep track of their appointments. We recommend sending them an electronic confirmation immediately after scheduling for the client’s calendar app on their phone or computer will remind them about it!

This client is ready to book an appointment a few days from now, but the person who scheduled it needs more time. They say that if we wait any longer than two weeks before reminding them about their upcoming surgery, then there’s an 83% chance of needing another reschedule! This isn’t ideal at best…so what should happen?

5 Tips to Prevent No-Shows in a medical setting

Make sure you send more than one reminder in the weeks and days leading up to your appointment. A simple email or text message will do! We recommend scheduling these as follows: 

Immediately upon booking – One week before the Appointment, Two Days Ahead Of Time (or earlier), Morning of Service + any instructions are given at that time.

Making appointment reminders stand out is a great way to increase client compliance. Consider personalized confirmation communications and the connection between your team members for even better results!

Have you ever thought about how your patients feel when they come in for their appointments? I bet it makes them feel great to know that someone truly cares and pays attention. It can be really rewarding, but not everyone does this! Why don’t we try something new today: have someone on the team send or call with a personal message on behalf of our practice–like...

Thank you for coming in today, we value you and your health, and if you have any questions, please call us.

In the service industry, no-shows are a part of the game. Veterinary clinics, dental, and optometrists are no exception, and following these tips will help you reduce your missed appointments significantly while keeping bookings full for those who do show up! Don’t have time to complete these tasks, check our how-to #boostyourfrontdesk with a remote front desk option, check out

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