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Preventing Good Clients from Leaving: 3 Reasons and Solutions

Updated: Jan 17

It’s tough enough to be a veterinarian in today’s market, but if you’re the only clinic for miles and your clients are starting to leave because of it? Now there is an app that can help.


The Competition Is Just Too High

Every client has their own story, but there are three main reasons they leave. It all depends on what you do better than the competition and how much value your service brings to them compared to other options out there – so take note! Here are the top 3 reasons why great clients leave and what you can do to change that.

First, they need to be heard. This is one of the most fundamental needs we have, but it’s often not fulfilled when dealing with service providers. Have you ever voiced your concern about something and felt like they were tuning out or didn’t even bother listening? It happens all too frequently in both industries I’m familiar with—the veterinary field included!

As a professional, you know better than to let your expertise go unnoticed. Don’t shut down clients just because of their lack of knowledge about care and treatment!

-In today’s society, where people have misconceptions about on what professionals do behind closed doors or within offices, I’m sure we can all agree that ignorance isn’t something worth perpetuating. 

It’s important to remember that your clients know their bodies the best. They may be able to spot a change or advise you on particular quirks which could help improve care levels for them even more! Be patient, listen carefully, and always have an open mind about what they say because it might just make all the difference in how successful treatments go down.

They don’t feel included

Trust is a crucial ingredient of any successful business, and medical practices are no exception. When clients feel as though they’re being left out or hidden from what’s happening with their care, it can quickly erode trust, which ultimately damages the relationship between them- this goes both ways!

The transparency needed for these partnerships to work requires that all involved parties allow each other some say so we don’t end abomination either party by keeping information about treatments confidential only because you know someone might object. 

There are several ways you can help ensure that your clients feel included in the decisions about their care. Take time to educate and explain any treatment recommendations, and

be ready with answers to questions or concerns they may have- it will make them more at ease during this process! When you do this, you will demonstrate the total value of your services and, as a result, instill and lasting foster trust.

3 Reasons Good Clients Leave (How You Can Prevent it)

They’re receiving mixed messages

Sometimes it can be challenging to get everyone on the same page. People with different personalities and approaches will have a different perspective when facing specific problems or scenarios, but this is ok because each person has the strengths that may make them more comfortable seeing one doctor versus another for some other reason (i.e., personality)—knowing that there should always be consistency across the board when it comes to policies and procedures. Your practice culture, as well as your overall messaging, also need to align with one another for the cohesive experience patients can expect from visiting your office or receiving treatment at any given time of day or night from different providers that are all practicing consistently within an organizational framework you’ve put in place!


Closing thoughts…

Landing new clients are no easy feat, nor should it be. Most experts believe that the most cost-effective way to run a successful business is investing in client retention and ensuring your existing customer base has an incredible experience with you! By taking steps to keep your current clients happy and engaged, you will create a cycle of success where referrals are the result.

A satisfied customer with glowing reviews is more likely than not to tell their friends about how great this business treated them!

If you feel that you have run out of hands and need help at your front desk to ensure you are keeping your clients happy. Reach out to us at or boost your front desk.

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