Melissa Brown

Redefining people, processes, and products for the new workforce.

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Melissa Brown is the Chief Operations Officer of Concierge Elite.

Her educational background includes a Master of Arts degree in Organizational and Business Management specializing in Human Resources.

She has several certifications in remote staffing, adult education, and training development. Melissa has 20+ years of experience sharing her expertise deeply rooted in lifelong learning and her devotion to growing and developing people.

She enjoys finding creative solutions to business challenges, innovating new products, and developing organizational processes and efficiencies.

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Public Speaker

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Melissa saw a need to innovate as the current customers struggled to stay in the game during COVID. The phones were ringing off the hook, the front desk staff was home, and the veterinary business was trying to keep pace with the new demands. We all know that the front desk is visitors' first point of contact, so when COVID took those employees away, there had to be a solution.

With her years of training experience, Melissa looked for remote solutions, rethought the possibilities, and laid the foundation for a dynamic recruiting system. Melissa's approach demonstrated that remote employees could handle front desk tasks with high efficiency and performance without compromising quality!

Concierge Elite provides dedicated remote front desk and virtual assistants to your business. We have team members who specialize in customer service, sales, veterinary, and medical. It's our passion to find the right fit for your office, whether full-time or part-time.