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Concierge Elite provides dedicated remote front desk and virtual assistants to your business. We have team members who specialize in customer service, sales, veterinary, and medical. It's our passion to find the right fit for your office, whether full-time or part-time.


What Our Clients Are Saying!

Carrying Piglet on Farm

The service is great for getting those calls that may otherwise be missed opportunities. Our clients definitely like to speak with a real person instead of being on hold or leaving a message on a machine. I think the benefits of the service are wonderful.

— Dr. Bray, DVM

I set up my business with Concierge Elite, they advised me well on what I would need to make the most of the great service they offer.
I found that I was able to increase the number of clients I had coming through my doors as I was able to count on them to take calls and deal with customers on the phone

— Tom Ross, DVM

Puppy at the Vet

My practice has a very large call volume, and having someone answer the phone is much better than voicemail.

— Dr. DuPrez, DVM

We love having a concierge service, this way we don’t miss any calls or lose any business. It is seriously like having 2/3 additional staff members to answer phones (which are constantly ringing), Take messages, and schedule appointments for us. Would highly recommend!

— Jessica Huynh, Optometrist


Do you struggle with paperwork and operational tasks while trying to concentrate on giving your patients top-notch care? Relax and take a deep breath because Concierge Elite is here to save you! Our qualified professional team is not your typical remote support staff member.

We help you to concentrate on what you do best, which is caring for your patients, we specialize in providing accuracy, efficiency, and empathy in health documentation. The best paperwork hack for your life is our scribe services.


Medical answering services are the perfect solution for any business that needs exceptional customer service but doesn't have enough staff or resources to hire additional staffing. Our team of dedicated professionals will answer your calls, take messages, schedule appointments, transfer calls to other departments, provide insurance verification, and much more! 


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